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Interview with A Breach Of Silence

Interview with Mathew Cosgrove

A Breach Of Silence Mat Cosgrove
Can you please explain how you came up with the name ‘A Breach Of Silence’ and what it was that inspired you to begin your metal journey?

A Breach Of Silence was a name that Cossie came up with when he toured a bunch of bands out to his home town of Roma in 2005. The tour was called ‘Breach of Silence Tour’. It had A Secret Death, Say Nothing, Severed Link, Fat Mans Cleavage and all these bands from around that time. We liked that name so it stuck when we decided to form the band. Our main inspiration for our metal journey was the determination to move forward and grow out of what we had previously done in music. We all had very different tastes within the genre’s of metal and therefore wanted to see if we could incorporate that and do something totally new. It has been a massive challenge but we are having a ball doing it!


How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before? And how do you think your closest relatives might describe your music?

If Killswitch Engage, Iron maiden, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying and Judas Priest all got together and had a baby, that’s what we would sound like. Haha, our relatives... I would hope they would say, “Awesome”, but I know my old man reckons we sound like ‘a goat that has had its balls squeezed’. But he does like the singing though, hahaha.

A Breach Of Silence Andrew Cotterell

Could you please detail what kind of costs went into creating and releasing your latest album, ‘Dead Or Alive’? And, if applicable, how did the record label help with the overall recording/distribution process?

We are serious about our career. $35000 - and that’s all of our own expense! To date we have recouped nothing from a label. That is about to change, but we are prepared to put everything we have into this band. We have been working really hard over the past 18 months.

What would be your most memorable gig to date and why?

Probably playing in Auckland, NZ. To see people actually knowing who you are simply by word of mouth (as we are independent with no label or management support in Australia at present) turning up to your shows in droves and loving it is something very special and totally unexpected. Really cool.


Which song do you prefer to play live and why?

My Favourite is ‘Eyes Of The Enemy’.  That is because the crowd always seem to get into that one more as it bounces a lot. It’s good to move to on stage as well.

A Breach Of Silence Kerrod Dablestein
Throughout the second half of May 2013, you will embark on an Australian east coast tour with US band, Born Of Osiris. What can fans expect to see on this tour?

We are. And we are super excited! You firstly have your pants blown off by Blair and his Falseto screams. They always leave people going, “Did that just happen?” haha... But yes we will be filming and maybe recording some of the performances. So the crowds that turn up will be involved in all of that and probably be on video. So it’s a good excuse to come down to the shows and mosh.


Which one of your music videos do you like the most and why?

‘There Will Be Blood’ - We shot that at the back of the Parkway House and along Lennox Heads. It was super fun doing it, plus it turned out super. We got Caleb and Dave (two guys heavily involved in Parkway DVD and video clip production) to do ours and they did a fantastic job. The song is great and the amount of fun we had doing it is why that is my favourite. We have our second clip getting done in just over a month so that is exciting as well. For the song, ‘Night Rider’.

Can you explain what you tend to base your lyrics on and could you quote your favourite verse?

Our lyrics are based around life experiences more then anything but we use subtle ways of expressing those views through other stories. Like ‘Night Rider’ for instance. Based around an outlaw demon coming to take bad people to hell. Which really is based around - you can turn things around but the only person who is going to do that is yourself. Everyone can get a second chance, it’s just whether you take the opportunity or not.

A Breach Of Silence Blair Layt

Most bands tell me metal has no money in it, so what do you all do besides playing in the band in order to earn your living?

Well yes, being in a band means you are poor. So at this stage we all still have full time jobs. I am an environmental scientist for a gas company, Blair is a plumber, Sticks is an electrician, Kerrod is a painter and Rhys is a machine operator. Quite a motley bunch really.


What brand of instruments are you using and how did any endorsements come about?

Guitars are ESP and we run through EVH 111 amps and Peavey 6505. Drums are all Custom.  Endorsements - well that is helped out by having the tenacity of asking and selling yourself. So that’s what we have done.

Let’s pretend you were creating a tour survival guide. What would be your top three tips for surviving a long tour with the band?

Our three tips:

  1. Don’t fight the sound guy before the show (he will mess your sound up)
  2. Take a pillow and sleeping bag, as the most places you sleep are somewhere cold and uncomfortable
  3. Do up cool merch and sell lots of it so you can pay for fuel for the van

A Breach Of Silence Rhys Flannery
What have been some of the more interesting adventures you’ve had with the band? Have there been many, if any, lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way?

I went Bungy Jumping on our recent NZ tour. That was awesome. All the others pussed out, pussies!  Lesson learned. If there is an opportunity of any kind in front of you, grab it with both hands, get out of your comfort zone and just do it! That goes for our band really. We have been doing that since day dot. And our snowball, so to speak, is really building up some momentum. We have a bunch of exciting things we will be announcing over the coming weeks.


What have been some of the more bizarre signings you’ve had or the most bizarre experiences in general during your time with the band?

Probably walking down the street before a Melbourne gig and Blair saw his favourite porn star just walking down the street. He was worse than the fat kid in Willy Wonka. He lost his mind! Pretty bizarre and funny. The Oompa Loompas probably would have had to sing the song and take him away.

Dead Or Alive


A Breach Of Silence Dead Or Alive

Have you ever had any mystical experiences?

That, I am not sure of. I once had a dream that I was monkey magic cruising around on my cloud beating up bad dudes at a metal concert. Does that count?  And considering we have Thor (Blair) in our band I guess you could say every experience is mystical, haha.

A Breach Of Silence


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