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Interview with Cauldron Black Ram

Interview with Esh

cauldron black ram Esh


Can you please detail how you came up with the name ‘Cauldron Black Ram’ and what it was that inspired you to begin your metal journey?

Esh thought it up. That'd be me. I was writing riff-age and words that were neither here, nor there, in regards to other projects I was doing at the time. The tide didn't quell, so I named and shamed it as Cauldron Black Ram.  It was an expression of the less refined, untempered, barbaric man in me and consequently all members thereon. It began initially with myself on drums and vocals and Pasquale of old Australian black metal project, Nocturnal, on guitar. He, unfortunately, couldn't find so much time for it, so he opted out and I opted for Alim on guitar. As Alim could not bring himself to tune anywhere near a standard tuning, he baptized the element of sludginess unto CBR. I still recall how some of the very early material sounded more like early Mayhem, Dark Throne and Martire, when it was tuned to a standard!


How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before? And how do you think your closest relatives might describe your music?

I would describe the music of CBR as 'Deatheavy Metal'. Our parents might say, "a motherfucking juggernaut of rolling spikes and rust, impaling and crushing the meek without forethought nor afterthought". I wouldn't describe it as Black Metal, though, all the online nerds seem to refer it as such! I haven't that much Venom influence in our tunes.


Could you please detail what kind of costs went into creating and releasing 'Poisoner'?

Probably more costs than we may ever get back. Between rehearsal costs, strings, sticks, skins, travel, studio time, emotional costs, art, bribes etc, the total cost is hard to pin exactly. Just remember it when you download it for free or make it available for download without our consent. You are ripping us off. Ever wonder why seeing a live band is costing more and more nowadays? Concerts were priced lower than albums back in 'the day'!


What would be your most memorable gig to date and why?

The gig where Jarro of Nocturnal Graves pounced onto the stage and threw his dick around. He was that excited. I didn't see his member, being behind the drum kit, but I did hear the tell tale whooshing sound of displaced air, due to the massive girth of it!


cauldron black ram Alim

Which would be your most favoured song to play and which do you think your fans prefer and why?

'Satanic Whores In Bestial Brothels' because it is a Heavy Metal throwback. Most fans seem to enjoy 'Devil Bellied' live. No idea why. God bless them fans, every one.


Can you please detail what it is you tend to base your lyrics on and could you quote your favourite verse?

I tend to write around a common theme of anything ancient; whether it be demonomancy, anthropophagi, brutal and crushed civilizations,  deification etc. I often write fictionally with a factual insinuation, which could well be truth, considering we place faith in many ancient recounts of history that are supposedly 'true'. What is the difference when the past is so long gone and probably distorted far from fact?

My favourite verses currently reside in the song, 'Infernal Interjections', which I enjoy singing and playing, but is also strong in its imagery.


Every band tells me metal has no money in it, so what do you all do besides playing in the band in order to earn your living?

Much of the music industry is suffering, so it's not just metal. I work at a factory making paper based stationary.

cauldron black ram Ishum

What brand of instruments are you using and how did any endorsements come about?

I abuse Gretsch Drums and Sabian cymbals. Ishum uses an Ibanez bass and Marshall amp. Alim uses an old white BC Rich and Bogner amplification.

I have a Sabian endorsement which came about due to Con Of Derringers music (no.1 Toto fan), being a Sabian Rep in South Australia, put it to the chiefs at Sabian that I was a worthy signee due to my activity, both in my own bands and as a session musician.

Alim has a kind of Jackson Guitar endorsement I believe, as he purloined a very nice Jackson guitar for a very low price, through the company. I shall steal it yet, naturally.


Where does your main fan base or support tend to lie?

Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and USA as far as I can tell.


Let’s pretend you were creating a tour survival guide. What would be your top three tips for surviving a long tour with the band?

Don't get totally inebriated every night. Take one night off out of three!

Don't take too much with you, you will only regret it when you have to haul all that extra shit around!

Be amicable at all times to your fellow band mates, as they won't be going away. Treat the people whom make the shows happen, with some respect. The people selling your merchandise at tables, the mixers, promoters and above all, the punters.


If you created your own metal festival, who would you prefer was playing alongside you and where would that be?

A festival in Portland, in the USA, alongside Ares Kingdom, Reveal, Militia, Mortuary Drape and AfterDeath. Good enough!


The Poisoner Maxi EP
Digipack 2011 / Jewel Case 2012



The Devil Bellied

CBR / Misery's Omen
Split demo re-release

Cauldron Black Ram
Demo 2007
To be released as a 7" vinyl through
Abysmal Sounds Productions

cauldron black ram poisoner 

What have been some of the more interesting adventures you’ve had with the band? Have there been many, if any, lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way?

The best lessons are learnt the hard way!


What have been some of the more bizarre experiences in general during your time with the band?

We have had quite a few fisticuffs happen within the crowds at our live shows! It must be the testosterone levels peaking. I thought shows were to assuage a myriad of emotions, but dealing violence when the music is violent enough...?


What are some of your favourite Australian acts and have you had the chance to play alongside them?

Martire, Pagan, Samain, Innsmouth, Crypt, Invocation, Beserker, Portal, Disembody, Oracle Of The Void, Demon's Gate, Outrage, Bengal Tigers, Inverted Prophet. We have played alongside Portal and Innsmouth. Both bands are brilliant live.


Have you ever had any mystical experiences?

I saw Metalcore become popular. That was a creepy, fundamentally life changing experience. I mean, how does one witness that and retain sanity? It shook the very pillars of my belief system!

cauldron black ram


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‘Interview with Cauldron Black Ram’ by Déa di Morté © 13 May 2012
Hails! to Esh for agreeing to participate and taking the time to complete this interview
All pictures courtesy of Max Hale Photography and Cauldron Black Ram