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Interview with Cunt Butcher

Interview with Carcass

Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Carcass. I am the Cunt Butcher. I am 32 years old. Next year I intend to get crucified so that people may rape children and burn witches in my name for the next 2000 years. I am a Capricorn - ie a horny old goat. I play bass (both four and five string - the recordings use one track of each) and program all the drum tracks, write most of the music (one former member contributed a few riffs here and there) and all of the lyrics. I formed the band back in 2004 as a solo project. It basically started out as a joke. Basically, almost as a solo version of Anal Cunt, only the music was marginally more listenable and structured and my sense of humour is a little different to Seth's. Other influences include G.G. Allin (we actually supported the Murder Junkies when they played in Brisbane in October) GWAR, Volatile, S.O.D., Sadistik Exekution, Vaginal Jesus, Carnivore, the Mentors, etc. Musically my tastes are actually far more diverse, but in the context of this project, these bands would be some of the main influences. I am the only full-time member of Cunt Butcher. There have been several drummers that I have played with live, but they are never full-time writing members of the band. Pretty much all of them have other bands that they devote their energy to.

How did you come about obtaining the band name?

The band was named after my penis! I actually was just kicking around the word 'Cunt' one day after a few cones and came up with 'Cunt Butcher'. My fiancée at the time hated it, so I went with it.

What exactly do you have against vaginas? Are you all gay extremists?

Who said anything about hating vaginas? I love vaginas! They're definitely my favourite part of a woman!

What kind of reaction do you usually get with this band name from industry folk (promoters, venues and the like)? Does it create restrictions for you when marketing and displaying fliers at all?

Some people are shocked; "What?! What was the name of your band?!!" Some people love it for the shock value. Some people hate it. A lot of venues tell me they're happy to book me but I have to play under a different name. I've used the alternative name 'Wife Beater' in the past (this is now the name of another project involving me and Jamie ex-Damaged and Terrorust) or I've had to follow Anal Cunts lead and book it as 'CxBx'. There is a bit of a negative response but it usually works in my favour, as it is a name that is remembered, even if it is hated.

Has the profanity in your name prevented you acquiring radio airplay etc?

Well, not really. It's grindcore, which is a pretty anti-commercial genre of music to begin with. Even if I named my band something lame and inoffensive like 'Beyond Terror Beyond Grace' or something faggy like that, radio still would be reluctant to play it because, well, it's grindcore. Underground radio stations have played our music though. Foreigners seem to love it more than Aussies do, although they don't always see the humour.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

It's fast, aggressive grindcore, with emphasis on the 'core'. It's basically punk that has been sped up and tuned down. The songs are short, fast and catchy enough to get you singing things you really shouldn't be singing for days after. Don't get me wrong either, by punk I don't mean Good Charlotte and by 'core' I don't mean Parkway Drive. Original grindcore was derived from street punk bands like Discharge and Exploited and was pushed to the extreme. I liked what was coming out in the mid to late '80s, before it degenerated into noise and before pitch shifters became popular. Stuff like Repulsion, Napalm Death, Assuck, S.O.D etc

What one thing do you feel sets you apart from the rest in this genre?

I'd say the lack of guitar. Everything is played on a distorted bass. The rest, the nudity, the blood (which is all real by the way), the smashed glasses on my head, the drug induced stupor at some shows, the offensive lyrics and the hyper-fast drumming, have all been done before. So has the solo bass thing, but not to anywhere near the same extent. Others have commented on the catchiness of the songs too. Not too many grindcore acts have songs that stick in your head for days afterwards.

Say Grace EP Cunt Butcher


2006 - Kvlt Kvnt - Demo

2006 - Enema Bucket - Demo

2007 - Halal - Demo

2008 - Say Grace - EP

2008 - Cuntography

2011 (?) - P.E.T.A.

Cuntography Cunt Butcher


How long did it take to record your latest material?

It's still being recorded. It's about two years in the making. Money is the main limiting factor.

What is the inspiration behind your latest material?

Fuckwits basically. They never fail to inspire me. Fuckwit homeboys. Fuckwit bogans. Fuckwit cops. Fuckwit scenesters. Fuckwit internet warriors. Fuckwits at Centrelink. Fuckwit religious zealots (of all denominations). Fuckwits who willingly submit to society. Basically, fuckwits in general.

Which label, if any, have you produced this album through? And how much of a difference has it made to the overall production process?

Everything is bodgily self-produced. P.E.T.A is being produced by a mate who is studying audio engineering and I can tell you right now that the difference he has made to the sound is phenominal! As far as labels go, it's completely independent. For some strange reason, EMI, Sony and Virgin don't return my emails or phone calls.

Any plans for a music video? Or is there one you've all ready created you recommend fans check out?

I had videos for a couple of songs; 'Good Pig Bad Pig' and 'Pie Eatin' Salad Dodgin' Fat Cunt' that were deleted from Youtube with a warning that if they were ever re-posted my account would be permanently banned. I'm thinking about redoing the videos and maybe releasing them as bonus tracks on a CD. Last time I checked, however, they were both still on our Facebook page.

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When you go into recording mode, do you find it easy or challenging?

I find it easy, but the recording process with this project is a lot different to the normal recording process. The proper recordings were easy because Kristian who drummed on them is a little demon who could nail most songs in one or two takes, so once all the mics were set up we breezed through them. The hardest thing I find is arranging the bass-lines. When I play live there is one bass, however to give the sound more depth on the recordings I use two basses; a four and a five string, both tuned differently. The four is drop-tuned to C and the five is kind of an upside-down drop tune, down to G, so basically the two basses have three strings in common and three strings that are an octave apart. The chords are played low on the four string and high on the five. This adds a lot more dynamic to the overall sound, but working out which parts are low and which are high and which are chords and which are single-note riffs takes a bit of planning. Most of that is worked out beforehand, some is worked out on the fly.

Is there a particular market or country you are trying to reach?

I'm trying to corner the Christian rock market in southern and mid-western America, and also the Islamic market, in particular in places like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

What kind of message are you trying to relay to your audience?

I'm not really trying to relay any sort of message. People come to our gigs for their own reasons and draw their own conclusions. I present blood and chaos and a rock'n'roll element of danger, which some people like. Lyrically I make jokes about some taboo subjects; holocaust jokes, abortion jokes, rape, domestic violence etc. Some people see the humour. Some subjects are so dark that they need to have fun made of them. Some people see this as tasteless and disgusting. Some people just like it for the aggressive style of music and some people watch it to watch my rather unorthodox technique at shredding a bass guitar. I let people make their own minds up about what they like or hate and I let people draw their own conclusions about the 'messages' in the songs. Even if they are getting the wrong idea and what they think is the exact opposite of what I intended.

Who's responsible for the bands artwork?

I am to blame for the dodgy artwork and logos. Me and my friend Mary Jane.

How hard has it been to get to this point?

Not sure how to answer that. The project was never intended to last this long. It was meant to be one or two gigs. It's picked up quite a bit of momentum and I intend to ride it out. However, it is a project that will probably end in a very nasty way and that factor weighs in on a lot of people's minds associated with it. I've also had to contend with laziness, substance abuse and some outright stupidity from certain former members. I won't elaborate any more than that. I'm not against drugs or alcohol as I use both myself. I've dealt with members who let those vices run away with them; both on and off-stage. To be fair, anyone who witnessed our last Canberra show would be thinking about pots calling kettles black right now. We've also had hostility from student unions and religious groups who have gotten us kicked off bills, banned from venues, etc. There is also the 'scene' to contend with, and all the egotistical pussies and faggots involved with that.

Where does your main fan base / support tend to lie?

Western Sydney mainly and to a lesser extent southern Sydney and southern Brisbane. There are a few fans in Melbourne who have been at me to play shows there for a little while now. There's a few foreigners on the Cunt Butcher fan list and a few have invited me overseas, but money and more importantly Visa dramas pretty much rule that out.

What has been your favourite venue thus far and why?

The Lewisham Hotel, because no matter what I do, I can't seem to get banned from there. I also like Burst City in Brisbane; it's an underground all-ages venue run by Will from Teargas.

What are some of your favourite local acts? And have you had the chance to play alongside them?

Grannyfist, Lustration, Chaotic Impurity, Innsmouth, Infinitum, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Hell Mary, Portal, Nazxul, Decimation Protocol, Disentomb, Dreamkillers, Oracle of the Void... *insert name drop here* We've played with a few of them, some I'm content to just watch.

What would be your most memorable gig / performance to date?

Probably when we played at a gay bar in Brisbane on September 11th 2009 with Sausage Chopper. I dressed up as an Islamic terrorist; complete with fake beard, towel on my head and (accidentally) setting myself on fire at the end. Then Sausage Chopper came out with a big styrofoam model of New York City which they started throwing paper planes at before the singer tackled it and demolished it. There were quite a few punch-ups that night too. It was definitely one of the most memorable gigs.

Have you got a favourite song you like to play? And is there one in particular you've noticed your fans have started asking for?

Probably 'Good Pig Bad Pig', or 'Allah Sharmuta'. As far as requests go, our fans usually just get blind and scream out, "Play some GG! Play Anal Caarrnt!!" We usually oblige with a cover of "I noticed that you're gay."

Do you have many female fans?

Yes, surprisingly. Not sure why, but I'm not complaining. I hate gigs that are just a giant sausage fest. Groupies maketh the band.

If you were playing at a metal festival, who would you prefer was playing alongside you and where would that be?

As far as metal bands go, I'd love to play with Arghoslent. They're one of the few modern international metal bands that I really love, musically and lyrically. Most of the metal bands I like are long split up, or have dead key members, although a fair few are re-forming. I loved Macabre when they came. I really like their writing style; it's heavy and catchy at the same time but without sounding faggy, I'd definitely like to see them again and would love to play a show with them. Carnivore and Bathory would definitely both be on that list and that will always remain a hypothetical now, unfortunately. There's too many bands for me to mention just five. I guess Anal Cunt would be a no-brainer and I reckon I'd probably be punching on with Seth Putnam before the night is over.

When you play live, what can the audience expect to see?

Everything or nothing. What happens at shows depends on the audience. I'll usually tailor the set to the audience. Nothing is set out before we get to the show. Although, there is the exception of special dates like the Pope gig in 2008 or September 11 in 2009, so it's pretty much a free-for-all. If the audience are Christian red-necks then we'll hammer out the God-love. If there are Muslims in the crowd, or more usually on security, we'll play the more provocative anti-Muslim songs. Some songs get targetted at certain people; some friends, some enemies. The crowd response plays a large part too. I'll try to get audience members to strip naked and then match them. If the venue sells beer in glasses, they usually get smashed over my head. Unfortunately most venues use plastic schooners now, for that reason. In the past there have been blow up dolls, condoms new and used, tampons new and used, I've been known to eat raw meat and spit it at the crowd, especially at venues that usually have vegans there. So that and whatever else takes my fancy. Then again, some shows have had very little crowd response, so we just end up playing the set and fucking off. They're pretty unpredictable, even for me.

What kind of instruments do you use?

In this band, I use a B.C. Rich Beast and an Ibanez Soundgear five string. I'm not endorsed. I was chasing an endorsement from GHS strings (I've used them pretty much exclusively for over 10 years) but I don't think they wanted their name officially associated with Cunt Butcher.

Have you had many chances for signings?

I've signed things for police in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, as well as NSW and Queensland Probation and Parole and the NSW Department of Corrective Services. Banks, Medicare, Centrelink are all massive fans too, getting autographs on a relatively frequent basis.

Have you ever had any Mystical experiences?

I've had sex in cemeteries on numerous occasions, does that count? My best mate in Brisbane is also an Aboriginal Witch Doctor. I've spoken to God, several times, with the aid of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs. Soon, I'm hoping, I'll be going on a full on DMT trip to discover myself. Not sure if this is what you're actually asking me about here though...

Funny thing about seances, I've met a few people who claim to have performed them, and they get absolutely no result with me present. I had another chick who did aura readings freak out when meeting me, because I am the first person she ever met that had a black aura.

I'm a partial believer. I definitely believe in the power of magick, or more precisely, the untapped power of mother nature, however, with a few notable exceptions, I've found people overly hung up on esoteric belief systems to be complete wankers. Not all I must stress as my Abo Witch Doctor mate is definitely one person who knows his magick, and well.

Where can people purchase your music and merchandise from?

Why purchase my music when it's all available for free anyway? When PETA comes out next year, that will be for sale at gigs, only because I need to recoup the cost of recording and pressing (which is quite a lot when you're on the dole). If I don't end up breaking even then all future recordings will be bodgy home-recorded shit like everything that has been done so far. It was recorded for free, so I pass that saving on to fans. Besides, most of it is so shit I'd feel bad asking money for it. My name's not Lars Ulrich you know!

What got you into metal in the first place?

This will make you laugh. I started out watching Australian TV channel ABC's show 'Rage' at a time when bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Bon Jovi, Warrant and Gunners were all hitting it big time. A mate's older brother got me into AC/DC and Iron Maiden and Metallica. Then I discovered Nirvana, then Slayer, then another mate's older brother got me into Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Obituary, Death, Pestilence, Napalm Death, Autopsy etc. After that I back-tracked to the '70s and got into Sabbath, Rainbow, Priest, Motorhead and then I discovered punk. I sort of went backwards through the chronology.

I could also say to answer that question via a tangent that I had a strict Christian fundamentalist upbringing. That probably had the most influence on me getting into metal because I would ask questions that would get me the cane as a kid, rather than answers. Then I found answers in some of the bands I discovered as a teenager. I officially renounced Christianity when I was 13 which caused a lot of friction in my family and got me even further into metal.

What was the main reason you chose this career path and has it turned out or going as expected?

Career path? Haha! I'm still on the dole so it's turned out exactly as expected! I'm actually a forklift driver/storeman usually. I'm also a fitter and turner by trade. I hated both of them. I don't know if I'd describe this particular band as a career, more of a hobby. But I'm looking to put together a working cover band. I've been in a few in the past and if I can find the right musicians and sell it just right, then I might actually be able to call music a 'career'. By 'working cover band', I'm not referring to my side project, Jesus Christ, either. G.G. Allin isn't something you pay tribute to because you need to pay your bills. I'm thinking more along the lines of classic Aussie rock; AC/DC, the Angels, Cold Chisel, Dragon, Billy Thorpe etc. I'd play that for money so that way I don't have to make money from Cunt Butcher or any of my other original projects. The last thing I want to do is turn creative art (I'm using that term creatively there for irony) into a money maker. If you want a prime example of what happens when you do that, just look at Metallikike. All the money in the world won't buy you your integrity back. To some people, that doesn't matter. To me it does.

Let's pretend you were creating a tour survival guide. What would be your top three tips for surviving a long tour with the band?

1. Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This includes things like health insurance, money stashed aside for bail, first aid kits etc. But also things like making sure you have a contingency plan for if say your car gets stolen or you get kicked off a plane.

2. Never walk into anywhere that you're not sure you can walk out of. Always carry some sort of a weapon as extra insurance. Make sure you know how to handle that weapon because when you're going to need it, you're really going to need it. A machete with a chain and padlock attached, stashed at the bottom of your gig bag is always good and can be passed off as a stage prop. Studded gauntlets are great and look inconspicuous at metal gigs. Boot knives are deadly and easily concealed. Even half a microphone stand can crack a skull or break a neck, if you need to. Thankfully I've never needed to fully fight my way out of a venue, but it's happened to mates of mine in the past and I've definitely come close to it, on several occasions.

3. Trust yourself first and foremost because you are the only person who will never have anything to gain from ripping you off. If someone you've just met seems dodgy, they probably are. Always check with security or the door person how many payers you got before asking the promoter or sort out a guarantee beforehand. Especially if you're on tour, make sure you get paid on the night. It's bad enough chasing someone up if you're living in the same city, but if you live in Melbourne and you're chasing up money for a gig in Sydney or Brisbane... well... good luck! On that note too, it's always a good idea to have merch available, so that way you're making money without relying on the promoter. Money is always better when you earn it yourself. This way, if you don't get paid on the night (which happens often) then you won't be completely high and dry. This goes back to point one; the contingency plan.

What words of advice can you offer anyone looking to enter the music industry?

Do all you can yourself. You can't rely on other people to do your work for you. You can't just sit there, jam, write songs and expect the magic gig fairy to wave a magic wand and offer you a gig. Then the magic crowd fairy waves her magic wand and fills the room, then the magic money fairy waves her magic wand and showers you with cash. Get out there, find venues that put bands on, get contacts, get a rough demo so you've at least got something to show and make contacts with other bands. Get a bunch of bands together and book gigs. Get out there and promote yourselves. Not just on faecesbook! Get fliers, go to gigs and hand them out. Posters on poles where they are legal. Street press -Drum Media etc. Don't rely on promoters to do all this for you. Making and playing music is hard work, but if you want to get anywhere, you need to put in the hard yards. You need to make the contacts yourself. You need to establish a rapport with venues. Get your mates to the venue and get them drunk. Venues don't care what you do if you get bulk cash to them over the bar, which means get people to the door and get them drinking. Get a thick skin. Not everyone will like your band. Get over it.

Another thing, I don't care how technically you can play. If you can pull a four octave major seventh arpegiatted sweep over seven strings and 24 frets, good for you. Nobody in the audience gives a shit. Technicality has its place, true, but that place isn't from the first minute to the 45th minute of a 30 minute set. Show off where it's appropriate, but concentrate on writing good, memorable songs. Not just a mish-mash of  haphazard riffs smashed together with guitar wankery sprayed all over them like semen on a sao.

Anything you'd like to add or say to your fans?

Thanks for coming to our shows and supporting us, even in the face of adversity. I'm glad you have enjoyed the ride so far. To those who haven't seen this abortion yet, fear not, I'll be dragging a drummer kicking and screaming around Australia soon. To any of you overseas, sorry, this doesn't apply to you. Not that I don't want to, but getting a Visa becomes a bit of an issue when you spend your life going against the grain. Not my call. Blame the government and the fact that I can't behave in a socially approved manner. If I could, then Cunt Butcher wouldn't even exist.

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