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Interview with Dawn Heist

Interview with Pat


Introducing Dawn Heist

Pat Dawn Heist

Can you please detail how you came up with the name ‘Dawn Heist’ and what it was that inspired you to begin your metal journey?

The name Dawn Heist came from a news article on a robbery of a jewellery store and the title read 'Dawn Heist'. We thought it sounded pretty cool and the name stuck. 


How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before? And how do you think your closest relatives might describe your music?

If our music had to be classified it would be labelled as Melodic Metal. We have many different elements to the music direction of Dawn Heist which include synthesizers and a creative rhythmic dimension that all comes together to create something we as music lovers want to play and hear. Our closest relatives are quite often told it is music you won't like, haha! It's definitely not John Farnham. 


What would be your most memorable gig to date and why?

We have played some amazing shows both in Australia and abroad. Supports are always our favourites and we have had the opportunity to support Terror in Asia and The Haunted in Australia. Both were amazing experiences.

Ellis Dawn Heist

Could you please explain what kind of costs went into creating and releasing your latest album? And how did/does the record label help with the overall recording/distribution process?

Costs are a necessary evil within the music industry and it does dictate a lot of what we do. This release was no surprise to us but we did get some amazing help from a few friends who worked on cover art, photography, mastering etc that made it much easier on our end. That is what we believe the music industry is all about - networking and helping each other is the only way this industry will survive. We are currently signed on to Firestarter Music who take care of all our distribution throughout Australia. This is a huge help to us. As an emerging artist, the more exposure that can be achieved, the better it is for the band.    


Which would be your most favoured song to play and which do you think your fans prefer and why?

I think the band's most favoured song still has to be 'Nine Worlds' - it is our current single and one of the first songs we wrote as a band, so there is a lot of energy around that song especially when the crowd sings along at shows. It's an amazing feeling when you hear a group of people you have never played in front of before singing a chorus with you.


Nine Worlds

2010 - Single


Time Wave Zero

2011 - EP

Time Wave Zero Dawn Heist

Zee Dawn Heist

Which one of your music videos do you like the most and why?

We only have the one video for our debut single 'Nine Worlds' so that wins by default.

Can you please detail what you tend to base your lyrics on and could you quote your most favoured?

Our releases are generally themed through the CD. The latest release is based on the experiences of killers and victims throughout various generations. For example, title track 'Time Wave Zero' is on a modern day killer which is of course the end of the world seen from a third person perspective.

What differences have you found between the audiences in Australia compared with any overseas?

When you are overseas it is always fresh faces at the shows and you are the international touring act so people will stay and watch the set intently. There is always a bit of an extra pressure when playing for a new international audience so the band is always more hyped up and determined before a show.

Lee Dawn Heist

What brand of instruments are you using and how did any endorsements come about? 

Drum gear is the main endorsement we chase for the simple reason that it's the most expensive and most frequently broken. James did just score an amazing endorsement from the Turkish based Soultone Cymbals. We played a great tour recently with Indian band Blind Image and they brought some over. We fell in love with them straight away.


What have been some of the more interesting adventures you’ve had with the band? Have there been many, if any, lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way?

The most interesting and eye opening adventure has to have been our Asian tour. It was incredible to see heavy music flourishing in a region like that. None of us expected to have people in another country singing along at shows and it was great to get to hang out with many of the local bands on the tour.

Most bands tell me metal has no money in it, so what do you all do besides playing in the band in order to earn your living?

We all have various day jobs that range from sales to event logistics. It's important to be able to afford doing what we love.

James Dawn Heist

Let’s pretend you were creating a tour survival guide. What would be your top three tips for surviving a long tour with the band?

Tip 1. Be on time. Everything becomes unbelievably difficult if you are running late for a plane, bus, soundcheck etc.

Tip 2. Get along with your band mates at all costs. If you are in another country or city, they are the only people who know you and care about whether you are alive hahaha...

Tip 3. See as much of the city you are in as you can. There is a lot of down time on tours so whilst waiting around make sure you get out and enjoy the holiday. You don't know when you will ever be back. 


What kind of barriers or restrictions do you think exist within the Australian metal scene?  And how do you think we can improve things overall?

Major cities are suffering the most with so many venues being crammed so close together and peoples unwillingness to come out to shows. Regional areas are amazing places for upcoming bands to tour as there is usually one place for live music and it's the town central hangout for most of the scene's demographic so the audiences come in with the mindset that they are going to enjoy the show tonight.


Have you ever had any mystical experiences? 

No, Hillsong keeps turning us down for a spot on their performance roster.


What have been some of the more bizarre signings you’ve had or the most bizarre experiences in general during your time with the band?

The hotel after a show is always the place to be because that's where the party is. When the pressure is off and everyone can relax and hangout, some of the most bizarre things I have ever seen happen. We hijacked a local cover band's stage in an Asian shopping centre and made them play Stairway To Heaven whilst we sang to a packed crowd of families and kids. I would rate it as one of the funnier things that has happened on tour, until we got chased by wild dogs outside our hotel and all five of us had to run for our lives screaming like women. 

dawn heist


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‘Interview with Dawn Heist’ by Déa di Morté © 08 December 2011
Hails! to Pat for agreeing to participate and taking the time to complete this interview
All pictures courtesy of Dawn Heist