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Interview with Decapitated

Interview with Vogg


 Wacław Vogg Kiełtyka Decapitated

How did you come about obtaining the band name? 

One day Sauron just turned up to school with this name. We were in the same class together. He said that he had this name for the band, 'Decapitated'. I was ok with this because that was a cool name for a death metal band. So we stayed with that name.


How would you describe your music?

100% metal from heart and soul.


What one thing do you feel sets you apart from the rest in this genre?

Hmm... maybe that on the first session for Cemeteral Gardens, Witek was 12, Martin was 14 and Sauron and I were 15. And of course we are a true metal band and rest of the bands out there are posers and gay!  :)


Wacław Vogg Kiełtyka - Guitar - 28

Original Band Member Since 1996

Influences Include: Art and Life


How long did it take to record your latest material?

 One month


What is the inspiration behind your latest material?

Life and everything we learn along the way has been infused into the music.

Kerim Krimh Lechner Decapitated

Any plans for a music video?  

Not yet, maybe after the new album.


When you go into recording mode, do you find it easy or challenging?

I think we will go into the studio in December or January and of course it will be a challenge as it always has been. I like to search and find new things all the time. I don't like to create the same music all the time just so I can have an easy time in the studio. I can't wait to make new songs with Krimh and I'm so excited about that and that I don't know the final result yet!


Is there a particular market or country you are trying to reach?  

Not really. We like and want to play everywhere. Maybe not in Iraq or these kinds of countries though because of war.


 Kerim Krimh Lechner - Drums - 21

Joined Band in 2009


Who's responsible for the bands artwork?

The first three covers were made by Wojciech Wisniewski. 'Organic Hallucinosis' was made by Seth. There was always the same way of doing things; an artist would get the lyrics and then try to make some artwork for this. I think Seth is a great artist and the Organic cover is awesome!


What kind of message are you trying to relay to your audience?

I don't want to make any message for people. I'm not a politician, the pope or the president. I like to play guitar and I don't give a shit about anything!

Rafał Piotrowski Decapitated

How hard has it been to get to this point?

If you want to know the real answer for your question, then I think you should try to make a band and play for 15 years!

It is so fucking hard to have a death metal band. Of course it's the best thing in my life so far but believe me, there's so much bullshit around and all this music business is just crap and if you want to be safe with your band and music you have to be really careful about your decisions.

Also, you will always have some fights between band members and every band has the same issues. If you are on a three month tour it is very different than just being in your rehearsal room in your home town. You have to learn so much; how to understand people and how to respect them.  

You can be a rockstar in one day but it takes a long time to become a real musician!


Rafał Piotrowski - Vocals - 25

Joined Band in 2009

After that fateful crash in 2007 which took the life of your drummer, Vitek and seriously injured your vocalist Covan, how have you all managed to move forward from this?

I just realised that this is the best way I can handle this situation. And my band is my baby and I can't just leave it. This is all I could do for my brother Witek and my friend Covan.


I didn't expect you to be back to our shores so soon, if at all, after this incident. What brought you to the decision to keep on touring?

As I said before, I just realised that this is the best way I can handle this situation.


Filip Hainrich Haucha Decapitated


What has the response been like since this occurred? Were you at all surprised by this response?  

Well, the response was great in the UK. We have done just one tour since our comeback and we are all really happy about how people have treated us after this happened. We were very surprised and in a good way.



Filip Hainrich Haucha - Bass - 29

Joined Band in 2009

How is Covan and is there anything the metal community can do to help?

Ok, Covan is still no good. He gets rehabilitation and needs time to recover.

If you would like to help him you can send money to this account number:

Adrian Kowanek 19 1090 1665 0000 0000 6503 3910

- More in depth details on how you can help are below this interview.


Cemeteral Gardens - demo tape -1997

Eye of Horus - demo tape -1998

Winds of Creation - 2000

Nihility - 2002 

First Damned - 2003

Negation - 2004

Organic Hallucinosis - 2006

Organic Hallucinosis Decapitated


Who are the new Decapitated recruits and from where did they spawn?

The new band mates are:

Kerim Krimh Lechner - Drummer from Austria. A great talent and a great mate. I found  him on YouTube! - thanks YouTube :)

Rafał Piotrowski - Vocals from Mielec, Poland. A great talent as well and a very cool dude. One day I met him on the street and asked if he would like to try out. He sent me his work and I liked it. Thus, he is now in the band.

Filip Hainrich Haucha - Bass master. He is a crazy and cool dude from Legionowo, Poland. I've known him for a few years and tours etc. He was a member of Vesania, Rootwater and Unsun.


Witold Vitek Kiełtyka Decapitated

Previous Members Include:

Witold Vitek Kiełtyka - Drums - 1984-2007

Original Band Member Since 1996

Wojciech Sauron Wąsowicz - Vocals

Original Band Member. Duration 1996-2005

Adrian Covan Kowanek - Vocals

Duration 2005-2007

Marcin Martin Rygiel - Bass

Original Band Member. Duration 1996-2006

Where does your main fan base / support tend to lie?

I think London has always been a good city to play in but there are a lot of cities and countries where fans are amazing.

What is your favourite venue?

There are too many to choose from to name just one.

What are some of your favourite local acts? And have you had the chance to play alongside them?

Acid Drinkers, Virgin Snatch, Ketha, Christ Agony, Beheding Machine and Hate. And yes, we have played with all of them before. They are all great bands and great people.


Have you got a favourite song you like to play? And is there one in particular you've noticed your fans have started asking for?

I have a few favourites so it will be hard to choose just one. I can say that people always ask and talk about the 'Spheres of Madness' song. It's kind of our hit song or something like that.

If you were playing at a metal festival, who would you prefer was playing alongside you and where would that be?

I don't have any dreams like that. Maybe it would be cool to play with Slayer or Metallica in my hometown Krosno.

What kind of instruments do you use? And have you done the 'Rock Star' thing yet and smashed any equipment?

I use Washburn and Gibson guitars; pretty cool stuff. No ,I never destroy guitars on or off stage.

Where can people purchase your music and merchandise from?

We've almost finished making our net store so soon everybody will be able to buy some stuff directly from our Myspace. We don't have rights for our albums so you can buy them through the Earache store.

What was the main reason you chose this career path and has it panned out as expected?

I love music and I love to play guitar, that's why. All my dreams have come true and I'm happy about that. I can do what I was dreaming about and so it means I can feel like a free man.


What words of advice can you offer anyone looking to enter the music industry?

Hehehe... Good luck! Read your papers carefully! Don't trust anybody and believe in what you are doing!

Anything you'd like to add or say to your fans?

Thanks for supporting us! See you all soon in Australia!  


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For those who reside within Poland, please use the following info:

You can donate to the Polish Paypal address of:

Or you can put it directly into his bank account:

Recipient's Name: Adrian Kowanek
Account Number: 05 1240 1431 1111 0000 0999 2870
Bank Swift Code: PKOPPLPW
Bank Name: PEKAO I O. Krakow
Bank Address: Rynek Glowny 31, 31-010 Kraków, Poland
Please add the word 'Covan' as the bank transfer description.

For those who reside outside of Poland: (Europe, Asia, South America, North America and so on..)
please use the following info:

You can donate to the American Paypal account address of:

Or you can put it directly into the American bank account listed below:

Recipient Name: Alina M. Hernes
Account Number: 3582102302
Bank Name: Washington Mutual
Bank Address: 1605 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA 95008 USA

Be assured that this bank account was opened strictly for donations to Covan only and all money will go directly to Covan. At Washington Mutual, it does not cost me any fees to transfer money to a Polish bank account or from Paypal to the bank account, so that is why I made a separate account for him here.


Or if you go over to the Myspace profile at you will also see a bunch of merchandise items for sale, in which all the money raised from the sale of those items will go directly to Covan's care.


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