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Interview with Frozen_Sentenced Tribute Band

Interview with Andrew Craig


Who originally decided to create this tribute band and why?

It was originally an idea of the promoter of the show, Dave Balfour from Metal Evilution, who had the idea of creating a tribute show to Sentenced and the now deceased Miika Tenkula. He contacted musicians he knew who were big fans of Sentenced's music, and it rapidly evolved from there.


How did you come about obtaining the name?

We decided rather than calling ourselves "A Tribute To Sentenced" or something akin that you'd see advertised for a typical RSL cover band night, that we would name the band something that Sentenced fans would immediately relate to and know at sight value. Hence why we chose the title of one of Sentenced's classic albums, "Frozen". We shall also be playing some select tracks off this album on the night.


The 19th of February 2009 was a very sad day in the music realm as it is the day that news of Miika Tenkula's death emerged. Have you created this memorial gig as a one off event or do you think this will become an annual event?

As much as I think it'd be an honour to be able to play a tribute to Sentenced's music year after year, we all agree that it'll be both much more memorable and respectful to make this a one off event and to truly give this our all.


Are you recording the event?

We will definitely be recording this event and hopefully with numerous cameras. There are songs that we shall be performing that there is no live record on websites such as youtube of Sentenced playing live, so it'd be great to be able to upload these for Sentenced fans worldwide to witness, and to relive the amazing music that Sentenced created.

Also, members of Frozen have recently been contacted by long-time member of Sentenced, drummer Vesa Ranta, who wishes to witness the event, hence why we will make sure to record the show and ship off a copy to him once it's done.


What has the response been like thus far? And where is your support coming from the most?

So far the response has been overwhelming! We've got a huge amount of people already confirming their attendance, and with numerous more jumping aboard each day. Sentenced was always one of those amazing European bands that were always considered underground, but had a massive following throughout fans of all genres of music, so we're not overly surprised to have so many people keen on coming to the show.

Most of the support so far has come from various online mediums; from smaller websizes to larger sites. Word of mouth seems to be spreading quite rapidly also, as there doesn't appear to be many people in Sydney's metal scene that haven't already heard about the show.


How did you come about working out which songs to play at this tribute and which ones can we expect to hear?

The initial three members of Frozen, Tim, Dan and myself, all created a list of three to four of our favourite tracks from each Ville fronted Sentenced album, which we then compiled together, and chose the most prevalent tracks from the list.

While we wont give away the setlist, we can inform that there will be a widespread range of Sentenced's discography performed, with each Ville fronted album being recognised, and perhaps even a Taneli fronted track thrown into the mix.


Where can people purchase tickets from?

Tickets can only be purchased on the night at the entry to the venue. Tickets are only $10 and there are two amazing support bands opening the night; Newcastle's 'Requiem of the Damned' and Sydney's 'The Veil'. Both are worth arriving early to see.


Is there any special message you would like to relay to the family and friends of Miika Tenkula?

Our main intention for this tribute night is to show our respects and appreciation to the life of Miika Tenkula. We all have had our lives touched in different ways as a result of Sentenced's music and we could not think of a more fitting way to show our regards to such a talented musician whose life was taken away much too early.

R.I.P. Miika Tenkula


Event to be held at:

The Wall
formerly known as The Bald Faced Stag Hotel

Friday 19 February 2010

Parramatta Road

Leichhardt, NSW Australia


Frozen Sentenced Tribute

You can of course view the orginal Sentenced website HERE


'Interview with Frozen' by Dea di Morte © 15 February 2010

Hails! to Andrew Craig and all the members of Frozen for taking the time to participate and complete this interview.

My respects go out to the family and friends of Miika Tenkula. You shall all live eternally in my heart!