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Hotel Parramatta

Hotel Parramatta

on 10/09/2010



10 September 2010
- Parramatta Hotel


Straight off the bat, Sykosapian kicked ass! I had honestly never heard these guys before but I was instantly hooked and was already thinking of buying their EP two tracks in to the set.

Vocalist Jonny has a great range and has no difficulty in transferring from singing to screaming live, which is where so many other guys suffer. He makes the band sound so epic and his use of drawn out notes and monk like chanting add amazing layers to the music.He is also a great visual spectacle as he pings off monitors and stage blocks and hurls in and out of the crowd.

New song 'The Inquisition' was a highlight for me showing a thrashier direction, which suits them well. Backed up with competent stick twiddler Aaron they have no trouble in speeding things up a bit
without sounding sloppy. His playing is extremely tight and makes everyone else in the band shine.

All the lead work was smooth and faultless which isn't exactly easy when you head bang as much as guitarist Lionel. His solos were spot on and were great to watch, as was the rest of the band.

These guys can only be described as a party band that don't take themselves too seriously and just have a good time. Just the kind of band you need to open up a gig in my opinion.

A good portion of the crowd knew the material really well and obviously most of them had come out especially to see Sykosapian. Last song 'Asylum' really brought the house down and I was beginning to think that Club LED really do know their local bands and this night was going to be one to remember. We were then treated to an impromptu encore by the name of 'My Enemy', which was demanded by the throng. Great opening act!

unboundNext up is a lesson in old school with good old Aussie rockers Unbound. These guys aren't looking to reinvent the metallic wheel but are just looking to have a good time.

They played their music at a good standard and the die-hard rockers that were in attendance really seemed to enjoy the set.

Unfortunately for Unbound they were maybe put on the wrong bill, as their sound just really did not suit the night.

I felt Sykosapian really set the tone with their modern sound and then to be presented with a much slower paced act like Unbound really stunted the gig.

I'm not saying they were bad in any way, front man Rory Bell did a great job and sang really well even with a dwindling crowd in front of him.

The rest of the band also put in their all and showed professionalism. I just think there was an error of judgment having this band in the line-up and made a lot of people leave that might of otherwise stayed for the headliners.


To rescue Club LED headliners Havoc really had to pull out all the stops.

Unperturbed by the lack of punters these guys exploded like Vesuvius as soon as the lights went down.

It shows that know matter what, these guys give a hundred percent at all costs.

With this also being Kurt's birthday gig (sort of) it was extra special (sort of).

I had the pleasure of standing shoulder to shoulder with the elite few that had soldiered through to see Havoc and they didn't disappoint.

These guys have their live set down to a tea and even if vocalist 'Mo' does pour water all over the electrics, who cares?! This is a metal gig! Straightforward metal is what these guys are all about and they incorporate every element into their songs.

I especially enjoyed their brutal beat downs that rival Parkway Drive and even Bring Me The Horizon. Bearded Slap meister Dan did a great job on Bass and added some low end that the other bands couldn't really compete with. Twin guitars from Kurt and Simon were exciting and riveting to watch.

On a different night I would have a lot more to say about Havoc but due to circumstances out of their control there was no atmosphere to get in to. They definitely did not deserve such a small crowd and hopefully I will catch them in the city soon.

This was my first venture to Parramatta and first impressions aren't too good and maybe there just isn't much demand for this kind of night?! I hope I am proven wrong in the future.






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