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Submission For Liberty

Submission For Liberty

by 4arm

Band Members:

Danny Tomb - Vocals / Guitar
Michael Vafiotis - Drums
Andrew Hinterreiter - Bass
Johnny Glovasa - Lead Guitar

The last time I reviewed the work of 4arm, 'Empires Of Death', I was blown away. I've seen them live and can tell you that they are just as good as their album. You can also read an interview I did with them back in July 2010. Now I have been given a copy of 'Submission For Liberty' to review. I've certainly been looking forward to this one, so let's begin.


Sinn Macht Frei - The gentle sounds of a piano introduce us to the album along with a spoken extract of what I'm guessing is an old, black and white movie - and never have truer words been spoken! It is a great build up for what is to come.

While I Lie Awake - The guitars strike an arrangement of heavy chords to continue on with the atmosphere created from track one. Slowly, the heaviness and pace increases. At 01:00 the mosh begins.  The drums hammer out a thrashing tempo for the guitars to sear through. This is the longest track on the album with a duration of 07:32. It has all those guitar rhythms you'd expect from a thrash band. It has bewitching guitar work and overall thrashability. The clean vocals are reminiscent to metal icons, Testament. It's a bloody good way to start this album!

"Take, another wasted moment trying, Claim, your right to life, though freedom has its price, Lose, perseverance brings you nothing, Heed, coz I've seen it all, a toast to the rise and fall..."

Raise A Fist - Keeping the pace up and getting straight into it with chainsaw guitar rhythms and double drum kicks. This is metal - how it's meant to be. It makes it very hard to type when all I want to do is thrash around the room while this is blaring. The sound is amazing! This band just gets better and better. There is no letting up in speed or heaviness at all. It is simply metal at its best!

"We can all asphyxiate the process, From down within our holes, Tying down depressive punctures, The burden of it all, And when the war begins, My hands shake for days..."

Submission For Liberty - Here we have the title track for the album. It fades in and instantly belts out a bounty of thrash for us to immerse ourselves in. I could easily mistake this for a few of the 80s thrash bands. To think this is new and of this time is bloody brilliant! It makes me so happy to hear metal being played in this style still. The chainsaw guitars, the thundering drums and the clean yet aggressive vocals create such a beautiful sound. No trends are being followed. No random quest for an original genre. Just bloody good metal all round.

"Branded from the second you are born, Welcome to a world where no one cares, They'll take your life, And in return, give you nothing..."

The Oppressed - This next one starts out slower than its predecessors, much like Slayer's 'Seasons In The Abyss'. This should of course tell you that you will still have your head banging away.  There is some good lead guitar work in here. I should also note that the drums have a really good sound to them. Whoever did the sound engineering on this did a great job! It may just be because I mentioned them a second ago, but this entire track has sounded like Slayer and you've gotta love that!

"Welcome with vengeance, Recriminations certain, For the blood that's on your hands, The lives you've ruined, To justify your malice, Though you would call it peace..."

I Will Not Bow - The pace has been brought back up a level for this one as the drums pound out a good tempo to mosh to. Not only does the song have attitude, but the music to follow suit and lure the metalheads in to nod in agreement. Another good guitar lead makes an appearance and graces us with a few more. I do love a good lead and in here we get multiple. You may just find yourself doing the deluxe metalhead tribute with the horns punching into the air and your head banging simultaneously. Another great track!

"Scared, a disgraceful race, They're buying out your soul, Mar, the diplomat of sin, In the medias control, Reject, refuse to obey, Become another casualty..."

Taken Down - This next track starts out with a duet comprised of an acoustic guitar (maybe steel string) and an electric lead guitar. This leads to a blast of metal at 00:26. The drums hammer out some intense beats whilst the guitars saw through their heavy rhythms. The pace in this one is nice and fast for the most part yet heavy throughout. A good lead comes searing through at about 03:20. You're going to get a good workout for your neck listening to all this.

"You try and play out the victim, A pathetic attempt at best, Burden of sorrow lives in here, Children look on as her body is taken down, A dwelling place of demons, Where innocence is lost, Moral standards dissipates..."

My Fathers Eyes - The musical structures throughout this album have all been thought out and executed well. When you examine each aspect of it, you can truly appreciate the effort gone into making these songs. This particular track is just as intense as all the others and doesn't fail the listener at all. The guitar rhythms crunch away, leads appear to bless your metal worshipping head, the drums keep your heart pumping whilst the vocals continue their call to arms. It is truly awesome.

"It's ok, I know they made you, It's not your fault but I'm confused all the same, Back then, all I wanted, Was the time to shine but they held your eyes..."

The Warning - Here we have the shortest song on the album with a duration of 04:09. The pace continues to be upbeat as the drums continue to hammer away. The guitar rhythms continue to puppeteer our movements into submission. The vocals continue to beckon the scorned horde. There is no reprieve, nor do we want one. This is good, old fashioned, thrash metal.

"Time to repent, When the thought becomes the deed, A war against flesh, A broken will feeds blasphemy, Wading through the valley of death it waits..."

Blood Of Martyrs - We have come to the final track on the album and it lasts for a duration of 07:05. It's fade-in introduction tricks you into thinking you're about to set sail on another thrashing adventure. Alas, it is a gentle entrance comprised of a guitar melody and effect for atmosphere. It is not until 00:47 when the intensity begins. It is not a fast pace at this point, it is more heavy and with a sense of strength. There is of course a nice little guitar lead in here at about 03:02. The pace picks up at about 04:57 and continues to thrash out til the end.

"Anxiety's web, Panic starts to set in, The time to trust's at hand, When you see me there, Know that it's for you, And I'll no longer fear it, They'll beat me down and break my skin, An effort to destroy, And though I feel alone, And minutes feel like days, My heart still prospers..."


In essence, 4arm have created an awesome thrash metal album. If you love your Slayer and Testament then you are sure to appreciate this. It is filled with chomping guitar rhythms and thundering drums. It is thrash in all its glory. The CD I received is the in-store version. It has the imagery of soldiers, captives of war, on its cover alongside masked men which are open to interpretation on what they stand for; preachers, politicians and so on. They stand amidst an eerie city or industrial landscape. Inside the CD sleeve is further imagery and all the lyrics printed clearly. The lyrics are very interesting and really add a deep essence to their music. On the final inner pages are all the thanks, band, contact and recording info. On the very back of the sleeve is a whole band photo. The CD itself has an image printed up on it which I think is from US currency though with the top part, the eye, placed upon  the pyramid which is upside down. Instead of its usual Latin note, this says "Inhumanus Libertas". Underneath the CD, on the cover, is the same picture. On the very back of the CD cover is a numbered track listing and a band picture. It's well worth the money, my friends. If you are looking for awesome, then this is what you want. Do yourself a favour and check them out on the links below.



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Review by Déa di Morté © 21 March 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of 4arm