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Force Fed Enlightenment

Force Fed Enlightenment

by A Million Dead Birds Laughing

Band Members:

BB - Guitar
DT - Drums
AZ - Vocals
SA - Bass

A Million Dead Birds Laughing (AMDBL) hail from Melbourne, Australia. They're an entertaining bunch and you can see that for yourself in my interview. Welkin Records gave me a copy of 'Force Fed Enlightenment' for review. I had never actually heard them before so I am expecting this to be as varied as their minds; uninhibited and imaginative. Let's begin.

Conduit - We start with the sounds of the sea as if to prepare you for a mellow beginning. However, mellow is not even close to correct for what is about to be. A furious outburst may be more appropriate. These are all short tracks ranging from one to two minutes in length. This goes for 01:04. The pace is fairly fast but it is the intensity and scattered behaviour of it all that is truly alluring.

"Awaken, They shall be faceless wraiths, Untainted demons..."

Void - Straight into this next track and the pace doesn't lose its ferocity. This reminds me of Napalm Death's 'Excursion To Obliteration' album but without the death metal vocal. The vocal in here is more of an aggressive and assertive yet clean style with an occasional play on the death vocal in part. The music is nice and heavy for the entire 01:46.

"Favourite flavours, Oh if the enemy could taste its wings..."

Forcefed - This one starts out with a spoken sample as if from vinyl. I really like the intensity of these tracks. There is so much going on and so much detail in the guitar parts and drum beats. The music has a Scandinavian feel to it with similarities to bands like In Flames (at their most intense) - a melodic death metal composition.

"They perform flux osmosis intravenous..."

Edge - I can barely tell when the song changes as they are continuous and without pause. I should note the vocals are varied as they are sometimes quite deathly and at other times more of an aggressive yet clean style. There is also a style similar to that of Tibetan monks being used at times. This particular track seems more lyrically drawn to 'Satan'.

"They always exist on the edge of something..."

Requiem - Don't think that this album just sounds like one monotonous track, as the music is varied, it's just that the track separations are hard to notice sometimes. The tempo hasn't dropped at all thus far. The ferocity is never-ending. I can only assume it would be great in the moshpit at one of these gigs.

"I have wrestled with the best, May heaven help me be tested..."

Defiants - This is one of the longer tracks at 02:37 and one of the more  demonic sounding. There is a beautiful intensity about this album that I think everyone will appreciate.

"Take heed, They call, They take to the brain like ants..."

Purpose - Here we have one of the more technically quirky tracks. This would be more of what I was expecting after reading the interview.

"They assume a different shape as they become aware of the cancer that eats at their flesh..."

Willow - This too was as expected. They seem to really like to use the Tibetan monk style vocal. I am really enjoying all these short burst tracks.

"Why fight the branch that brings life? Are you too weak to feed? Old maple, Taste of the trees..."

Oracle - This is the longest track on the album with a 02:48 duration. There is quite a bit of variation within this track; vocally and musically. There is even a brief guitar lead in this one. This too encompasses the style I was expecting. It seems their creativity is on overload for the end of this album.

"Who said it would take so many heathens to make a candle? Just so they could see the flame make its way down a severed spine..."

Leech - This is yet another diverse track. I think the drummer has been quite impressive throughout this album. The guitar too has been technically varied and yet followable the entire time.

"Listen to the pulse of the microscopic generation, History is repulsed as they commemorate incarceration..."

161 - The music in this one is nice and heavy and well paced. The vocals are of the Tibetan monk style. It is overall another good track.

"Have they surrendered their feet? Have the surrendered their thinking..."

Invader - This is the second last and second longest track on the album at 02:45. There is a disturbing sample in here from 02:08 til the end with a woman screaming and well, I'm not sure what that other noise is.

Agony - Here we have the final track on the album and it is as all the rest, intense, varied and short.

"She parts with a finger licked lesion, Breaking the sheathing with ease, Demanding the semen of legions, take rest in the recess beneath..."

In essence, AMDBL have created an album of short and furious bursts of metal. As similar as they may be, all the tracks are quite varied in their own way. There are death vocals, aggressive yet clean vocals and Tibetan monk style vocals. There is also a variety of creative and technical musical skills throughout this album. The CD I received is the in-store version. The cover is white with their logo and artwork upon it. On the immediate inside of the sleeve is the band contact and recording info. Then we get an interesting book of artwork; sketches and  doodles and bloodied figures. There are also fragments of lyrics too. On the very back of the sleeve is a quote, "It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane". The CD itself is black with a mushroom skull upon it. On the very back of the CD covering is an unnumbered track listing. Basically, I think if you like death metal then you should like this. It's not a standard style of death but it is something different to add to your collection. Check them out on the links below.

A Million Dead Birds Laughing LINKS

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Review by Déa di Morté © 01 February 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of AMDBL and Welkin