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by Blastanus

Band Members:

Antti Oksanen - Guitar
Henri Fredriksson - Drums
Mikko Hellström - Bass
Jussi Huurteinen - Saxophone
Kari Tapio - Vocals

Today we revisit Salo, Finland to review the latest work for grindcore act, Blastanus. The last time I reviewed their work was in 2010 for 'Odd'. Now I have been presented with their album, 'Collapse' and I can tell just by skimming through the CD sleeve that improvements have been made. This time there are lyrics for the fans to follow along with. I loved their music last time so let's see if my admiration can be matched this time around.


Tomorrow Is Better - An explosion of metal introduces us to this album. The drums hammer out their welcoming beats as the distorted guitars vigorously trace the fret board as if trying to start a fire. The vocals simply scream their way through your ears as if they were a speed limitless motorway. The music is intense. There is a moment at about 01:58 you think the music has ended, but you are mistaken. It is simply lining you up for further annihilation. It sounds truly demonic at the end of this track. A great start to the album!

"Terminally ill by social strain, Irreversibly damaged by the pain, I can feel the tumors growing inside of me, The pollution, the drugs..."


Reward Failure - The pace doesn't drop a fragment as we indulge in this next track. The drums are shaking the shit out of my desk but that may have something to do with the volume I am blasting this at. The guitars are racing through each note keeping the listener on edge. The vocals vary between hardcore style screamer vocals and deep, death metal vocals. The sound engineering is well balanced as I'm able to hear everything ok. It's another good track!

"Start a business, make profit, become rich, make more money, Pay your taxes, for what? You don't know, they won't say..."


Science Of Tyranny - You shant get a moments reprieve listening to this album it seems. The intensity is brutal. I admire anyone who is willing to get into a live mosh with these guys playing. There's a slight groove to the rhythms in this which will help you to really get into the music. You will easily find yourself thrashing about like a mad fuck.

"You take a meat cleaver to a kindergarten, Nobody is going to be surprised, You take a gun to school, What does it take for you to realise? Society has changed the timetable, No more education, Build your frustration, Beat you down and learn to hate your fellow man..."


Culture Of Entitlement - This one has a catchy groove to continue our journey with, as scattered as it is. It has moments to catch your breath or prepare yourself for the next body slam, but it certainly maintains an intensity to lose yourself in. Vocally, I can't decipher a word. Though, this is the kind of music you listen to, to release all your built up aggression. It's not the kind of thing you feel an overwhelming desire to sing-a-long to.

"You can get it, for nothing, something, for nothing, Mommy, make my food, Daddy, wipe my ass..."


Hammerfist - "I'm gonna throw him on his back and beat a hole in his face!" is the first thing you hear in this next track. That in itself should give you an idea of what this one may sound like. Yes, it is brutal and very deathly and I am loving it! I should note that these tracks are not simply a wall of noise. They are all structured and alternate accordingly and therefore have been well thought out. And if they did just happen to pull it out of their ass, then what a fine ass that must be!

"Hammerfist, smashing your face! Hammerfist, crushing your soul! Yeah, starting to get mad, the cage is my head..."


Decoded - Here we are at the half way point and the pace hasn't dropped nor the intensity lowered yet. It isn't even sounding the same. It is of course similar but all the tracks are identifiable with their own unique compositions. There is a nice little guitar part in this one. Not quite a lead but a nice addition nonetheless. This is the second shortest track on the album with a duration of 02:31 and a fierce one at that.

"Crop circles, chemtrails, vaccinations, secret societies, false flag attacks, assassinations, peak oil, bailouts, the federal reserve..."


Evolutionary Dead End - Here we have the second longest track on the album with a duration of 05:54 and it begins as all the others; filled with intensity. The drums in this sound like the crackling embers of a severe bushfire blown way out of control. The guitars are like sparks engulfing the sky, searing down like comets upon the earth. The vocals are like the voice of doom in voice over mode while the rest of us are in slow motion; scattered, bewildered and in shock. It is almost as if Armageddon has come at last.

"Setting ourselves up for failure, getting lazier by the day, All the psychedelics in the world, would make this reality go away, Tried it all, didn't evolve at all, losing my sanity for evolutions call..."


Arctic Despair - This next track has a beautifully blackened groove to indulge in. There is even a moment of doom to sway along to between 02:38-02:55. The overall feeling you get from this track is draining as if it were sucking the soul right out of you. I would therefore proclaim this to be their slowest paced track thus far. If you ever saw the Swedish film 'Let me in' and the part where the guy hangs a body from a tree and lets the blood drain out into a container, then this would've been a great piece to be playing during that moment.

"The cold air constringes the extremities of the external fibres of the body, This increases their elasticity and favours the return of the blood..."


Hegemony - Here we have the shortest track on the album with a duration of 01:32. It is as one would expect; fast paced and in your face. Need I say more?

"The capitalist world... never seen anything so absurd, The political and economic dominance of all, Hiding in the shadows, planning this all along..."


Liberation / Salvation - The ferocious pace continues as we get straight into this next track. It blasts out some high levels of furiosity but then takes on a structural shift in pace and intensity. It seems to go from a grindcore feast to a slower yet deathly level. It picks up again in no time and brings out a guitar lead from 02:46-03:03. Overall, it is yet another good track!

"The foundation of our beliefs, all rooted in hate and intolerance, The senseless paradigm of modern man, Desensitised by the mainstream media, nothing affects us anymore..."


Collapse - Here we have the final track and also the longest with a duration of 06:48. It starts out with a dulled tone and lowered pace. Sudden double drum kick spurts begin to adorn our ears. A saxophone graces the limelight to take a hold of our senses in somewhat of a jazzy moment. It had escaped me this entire time as I haven't picked up on a saxophone playing at all until now.  The saxophone lets loose an erratic sound to create a crazed or confused atmosphere. It is an obscure way to end the album.

"Closing in, The virus inside, Burning, My soul and intestine, Raising, Questions unnerving..."


In essence, Blastanus have created yet another brilliant album that I'm sure all grindcore enthusiasts will appreciate. It has all the intensity and brutality one could want. The CD I received is the in-store version. The front cover has artwork of a human head shadow draped in barbed wire which is positioned in front of what seems to be an underground area. Perhaps industrial or under a bridge. As it is painted it is open for interpretation. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics; clearly printed and placed. On the back of the sleeve is the thanks, recording, band and contact info. The CD itself has sepia artwork with the logo and album title upon it. On the very back of the cover is a Roman numbered track listing. There is a dedication attached to this album for Markku Oksanen. Basically, this album has Napalm Death reminiscence for me and that is something I really like. This is a great album and is worth adding to the collection. Check them out on the links below.



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Review by Déa di Morté © 19 March 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Blastanus