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by Blastanus

Band Members:

Antti Oksanen - Guitar
Henri Fredriksson - Drums
Kari Väkiparta - Vocals
Mikko Hellström - Bass

From the depths of Salo, Finland comes Blastanus. They were formed under the sickening delusion that all that matters in life is Blastbeat and Assholes. Since 2007 they have concocted somewhat of an extreme blend of technical death, black and grindcore metal. Unbeknownst to my ears, let us now indulge in this obscure creation.

Greed - An intense, ear blasting, wall of noise makes for one hell of an introduction to this album. It is filled with chilling screams, deathly roars and technical guitar obliterations. All the songs upon this album are quite short yet I believe each and every one are about to cram in as much metal as they possibly can.

Lies That Bind - The death vocals are very deep whilst the accompanying screams present a nice, smooth tone to their call. They work well together. The drums continue to hammer away as the guitars create a bountiful display of distorted rhythms. Even amidst this barrage you can find a groove to follow. Nice work!

Nihility Neighbourhood - The machine gun drums slaughter the listener as the vocalist opens his mouth and spews fire unto the crowd. It is truly brutal and intense. Their moshpits must be a very painful experience. It makes great stress releasing music.

Rat Hunting - As the name tends to suggest, this track is quite scattered and sends you scrambling. The guitars are all over the place in a maddening state. The drums seem to be having a field day as they hammer away. You can really hear the enjoyment these musicians possess when they play their instruments. It screams crazy, insane, brutal yet fun!

Scam - This one starts off sounding like they have been experimenting with notes and sounds and came up with a mass of confusion. As time goes by, the overall sound gives you the idea of one falling into a psychotic state. I like the fact that even though it has that distorted element, you can still clearly make out the guitar notes and therefore appreciate the effort gone into the tracks.

Drumstic Made Eyehole - Here we have the track I feel is related to the album cover artwork. It is a rather quick song but not quite the shortest. The sample states "groovy" and this track kind of is. You can also make out a few of the words in this one. It is of course another intense, splattering track.

In Distress - The introduction to this track has more of a groove filled edge to it than its predecessor. However, it too is filled with unrelenting drum assaults and crazed guitar riffs. The vocals tend to lose themselves amidst the music which makes for a nice blend and good sound engineering.

Burn, Bitch - Obviously somebody is holding a grudge against someone! This is as it sounds by title, a verbal attack on an individual who has pissed someone off. The accompanying music backs up the vocal aggression with much intensity. There is a particular tweak to the guitar which suggests this particular person may enter a room and the psychosis sets in. It manages to leave you with your own perceptions on how this matter is being dealt with.

Odd Times - This track has so much going on it is hard to focus on what is happening when instead you find yourself drifting off into a daydream. It's basically all a blur until 01:16 when there is a sudden and most unexpected interlude which rather snaps you out of it as it storms back into its unyielding torrent. It is basically a very in-your-face type track.

Hese - Here we have the glorious seven second song which really only lasts for five. Very Napalm Death indeed. What can I say about it?  Very busy, very quick, very fast, very metal.

Punk Bitch Part 1 - It is funny how you can hear the drop in the technicalities when they play this punk suggestive style track. It's a shame there are no lyrics to go along with this CD as I would love to know what they are screaming about! This one is still very heavy and intense yet there is a distinct lack of guitar expertise within it.

Punk Bitch Part 2 - This track rediscovers the guitar technicalities however it is now the drums that seem a tad off and seem to be enjoying the snare too much. Though, this is true to the punk sound in these two tracks. A pisstake I guess. It isn't until about 01:05 when the song makes a directional shift and infuses the metal sound once more. Though this is perhaps more on the vocal side of things more than anything.

Overgrow The Government - A nice change, introduction wise, as the guitar spits out a thrash style riff. It soon becomes another barrage of noise. I like how this band can come up with different ways of implementing their sound. At about 00:55 the music shifts into a doom-like pace yet retains its deathly charm. It is much like being deadly tired and having severe spurts of energy flow through you. Well, it is either that or like having spasmodic fits after being poisoned. You decide.

Calyptron - Here we have the longest track on the album at 04:11. This one doesn't sound so well pieced together at first, at least not until 00:33. Even then it becomes quite sketchy and all over the place. There are some parts which sound stable and flow smoothly enough though the rest is too scrambled to truly follow. Perhaps they'd be better at sticking to the shorter tracks.

Incarnation - The sounds of a campfire lure us into this track along with a clean guitar melody. Clean as in not distorted yet I think the guitar is out of tune. The bestial onslaught soon enters and punishes the ear drums. This track relays a very black metal sound. It is quite catchy and easy to get into.

King Of Encrustations - This is the last track on the album and of course it is leaving us brutalised and shredded. One can only imagine how many drum sticks and guitar strings were destroyed in the creation of this album.

In essence, Blastanus are a fiercely brutal and rhythmically violent ensemble. This album retains its sinister edge all the way through. It disperses psychosis and can send you adrift. The CD cover matches the band's style and seems to encapsulate track six. Inside the cover, you will only find basic band information and some cartoonized artwork. Sadly, no lyrics for us to enjoy. The final page has a darkened, live band picture. The CD itself is white and simple and merely states the band logo and album title. On the very back of the CD is a clear band picture and a full track listing. I must recommend this for those who are truly devoted to furious sounds and appreciate their death and grind.



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Review by Déa di Morté © 07 June 2010
All pictures courtesy of Blastanus