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In Your Spine

In Your Spine

by Chill

Band Members:

Helend Jantsikene - Bass / Vocals
Miska Rautiainen - Guitar
Jouni Rantanen - Vocals
Mika Rautiainen - Drums
Eero Koivu - Guitar

Chill are a Finnish grunge metal band and today I've been issued with their promo CD, 'In Your Spine' to review.
It has been dedicated to a close friend of theirs who is now deceased and was inspired by such loss.
It has been made freely available and is able to be downloaded from their website.

Madluck - The introduction to this song is quite powerful as it merges from a few strums of the guitar into an explosion of sound. The overall sound is very atmospheric and emotionally charged. It takes you on a soul destroying ride of anger, pain, sorrow, despair, betrayal, respect, love and life in general. The vocals mainly bare that grunge style grunt to their clean vocal though there is also a hint of death vocal in here especially toward the end. As a first impression, I am sold! Hearing the accent coming through in the vocals gives it an alluring edge and I am left wanting more!

"Dodge another bullet by just that much, Survive this crazy life with madluck, Dodge another bullet under the gun, Survive this crazy life with mad fucking luck..."

Rotten Apples - This track starts out with a more furious pace and basically hits the overdrive button on your senses. It is fast paced then slow paced then fast paced then slow paced and so on. It is a rollercoaster of emotion. Its overall intensity creates an amazing flow of atmosphere. The vocals are not totally clean as they alter between clean, grungy and even hardcore screamer styles. This promo has been sound engineered well and has a good structure to it. It is definitely emotionally driven even with its structural changes. Another great track and I want to hear some more!

"I can't find much comfort in these words, It's not getting any better it just keeps getting worse, I can't find my way through this surreal dream, All the silence and secrecy makes me feel so damn guilty..."

In essence, these two tracks have sparked a new interest. If this promo is anything to go by, then this band simply rocks!
I would love to hear an entire album. I love hearing the accent coming through in the vocals. I love the intensity of the emotionally driven music. As sick as it sounds, I love the pain and angst within. The music is so perfectly collaborated it guides you harmoniously through each tragic emotion. Each little mini over lead simply creates atmosphere and steers you through the turbulent river. The CD cover seems to be an animal skull being held up by someone's hands over a campfire. Throughout the cover is more interesting artwork which doesn't interfere with the printed lyrics. This is a great introduction to the band so I can only recommend to all my readers out there to go and get yourself a copy!



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Review by Déa di Morté © 02 August 2010
All pictures courtesy of Chill and Twisted Entertainment