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by Datura Curse

Band Members:

Sean Bowden - Vocals
Nick Fairweather - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Daniel Martinez - Guitar
John Willmott - Drums
Michael Russell / Warren Hammond - Bass

Datura Curse have been carving their way through the Australian metal scene since 2009. Originally just a hobby, this Sydney based band have heard the calling and started venturing around Australia spreading the metal word. They sent me a copy of their first EP, 'Reason(s)', for review. I've seen them play live so I know what to expect with this one. Let's begin.


My Pulse - The CD starts as if being hurled through a vortex and into a pit of crocodiles with the guitars acting as the snapping jaws of the crocs. The drums act as the panic ridden pulse of your heart. As you look around, the fear only increases, thus allowing the tempo to become more prominent within you. The vocals are clean yet raspy and alternate in part to a melodic stream. The music is catchy and flows perfectly. It has a strong atmosphere which allows your imagination to soar and to escape the infested pit, though if you haven't the strength within you, you may just find yourself devoured.

"Unspoken words so cold like ice on my skin, Eyes closed on my knees on the floor, That's how it begins, Her lips do not move in her eyes I see questions, The look is so smooth underneath, Like shattered perceptions..."

First Rays - This next track begins with a melodic and slower paced allure. Though the brutality soon consumes the listener as the vocals alternate from harmonious to dissonant alongside a musical explosion. The vocals are decipherable no matter the manner in which they are relayed. There is a decent guitar lead in here which adds to the splendour of the track. Overall, this is a good track and has the ability of infiltrating the populous.

"One face in a million, One life out of time, One reason to give a fuck, What's yours? I've got mine, One reason to fight, One reason to fall, One moment of weakness, Your life? Your life no more..."

Surrounding - This is the shortest track on the CD with a duration of 03:45. The heavy intro carves a path of angst through the atmosphere. There is much strength behind the music and will have many a listener tensing up and wanting to punch the air. The vocals tend to alternate between raspy hollers and clean tones. There's a brief yet fitting guitar lead in this track. Overall, it's another good track and an impressive example of their work.

"Darkness is not lost to sorrow, For sorrowing is lost in death, And death and dying are the very life's blood of darkness..."

Familiar Dark - This next one starts out with a catchy and well paced rhythm. These guys are sure to fill out any moshpit with their intensity alone. The structure of these tracks seem well thought out. There are subtle changes which help the track to flow with ease and retain an essence which basically force you to submit. It won't take long before you become their marionette of metal.

"Take a piece of time, Try to calculate, What's it worth to you, Down to the second..."

Navigate By Stars - Here we have the final track on the CD and the longest with a duration of 07:39. The guitar rhythms are quite brutal in parts and the drums simply ensure you are hammered into place. By now you should know your place is within the pit. The vocals are relayed with strength and dominance. At 03:34 there is a musical shift where the music subsides and allows any trampled folk to get back up and take a breather. The intensity starts to build again at 04:50. Though, at 06:09 the music takes a bizarre twist as it dulls down - so much so as if the entire audience has been annihilated and are being led away by stretchers until the room is cleared and thus the music fades til the end in a slow, dreary manner. Not quite the end I was hoping for, but still, a decent track.

"Cut free the dead wood, Sever the binds, let the tide take what's owed, Depth and darkness, long only for light, But one fathom is a prison, A thousand is a lifetime, Never to break the surface, Never to dwell in the warmth of light, Clip your wings for they're useless, Trade your eyes to the blind..."

In essence, Datura Curse have created a fine example of their work. It is filled with much angst and aggression. The overall recording has been well engineered. There are plenty of catchy rhythms and I think most should enjoy this album. The CD I received is the in-store version. The cover presents a hunched over being who looks quite brutalised. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics amidst further artwork. On the back of the CD sleeve is the recording, band information and thanks. The CD itself bears the headdress belonging to the being on the cover. On the back of the CD cover is the track titles with the front cover's character positioned upside down above them. Basically, if you like music ranging from hard and heavy rock to the lightest of death styled metal, then you should appreciate this. Check them out on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 12 March 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Datura Curse