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Hair Denim Sex Metal

Hair Denim Sex Metal

by Electrik Dynamite

Band Members:

Ryan ‘Maverick’ Reeve - Vocals
Benny ‘Stinger’ Clark - Drums
Duane ‘Ice’ Jackson - Bass
Lockie ‘Circus’ Knight - Guitar / Vocals
Sarah ‘Cougar’ Lim - Keytar / Vocals
Cam ‘Flexx’ Slays - Guitar

Electrik Dynamite are an Australian based band from the city of Melbourne. I had the opportunity to interview them back in August 2011 which you can view here. They've had the pleasure to play alongside such bands as LA Guns and so on, but you can read more about that in the interview. They have issued me with a copy of their album, 'Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal.' which was recorded by Lord Tim (Dungeon, Lord), for review. When you simply look at the CD cover, you just know it's got an '80s buzz. I guess it's time for a trip down memory lane.

Eternal Serenade - The introduction to this album is an instrumental one. It is a slightly sorrow filled, atmospheric piece comprised of a gentle guitar with synth backing. It gains momentum as time goes on, which leads us straight into the next track.

So Alive - Electrik Dynamite leads us in to this one with a scream, "Baby!" in a very '80s metal style. This is bringing back many memories of the '80s metal era as I'm sure it will for you too. The vocals have that harmony so often used with bands like Ratt, Babylon AD and White Lion. It's always great to hear a style you fear may have been lost to its era. Electrik Dynamite certainly have a good grasp on the elements and have drawn perfectly from their inspiration; a standard yet upbeat rock tempo, good guitar work and of course those harmonic vocals.

"Baby you make me feel so alive, Baby the way you touch me drives me crazy, You make me feel so alive..."

Love Tonight - The drums take us into this next track along with some rhythmic guitars. The '80s essence continues to charm and there are even some glam metal vocal screams in here from around 02:10. There is a nice guitar lead in here between 02:54-03:18. Good track!

"I can see you with that black shirt on, Never seen someone so beautiful, Cause you were always gonna be the one and girl I gotta sing it..."

Midnight Rider - This song begins with a rhythmic guitar and an up tempo backing. I can't quite explain why, but this one reminds me of Night Ranger. I guess it could simply be the basic rhythms, rock beat and overall sound. One thing about this style of vocal is it is very atmospheric in its delivery. Though one can attribute this to the keyboard use as well. Basically, this is yet another good track. It's fairly rock really, but I guess you have to understand the roots in order to class these things correctly, but that's trivial.

"Girl I see you standing there with your drop dead legs and your long dark hair, I wonder to myself have I been blessed with a hand of luck, Your vodka eyes match my whiskey lips..."

After Dark - The cymbals slowly tap us into this next track, but not to worry as the pace does pick up fairly soon. Once it does, the lead guitar begins a medley of mini leads.  I should note that, if you haven't all ready guessed, the vocals are clean throughout this album. There is some good drumming within this track and of course the guitar continues to tear out some nice little leads in here too.

"1865 reborn into this life, I'm changing, If you look into these eyes, I'm dead but still alive I'm rising..."

Hotter Than Hell - A catchy guitar rhythm lures us into this next song and gets the head nodding along in agreement. It's a well paced track for its entire duration. There is a part at about 03:19 where it speeds up, then slows and goes into a power scream, then continues to crunch out some rhythms. It's a great track!

"He's a man on a mission with a plan tonight, He's a man on a mission one girl in sight, Before they enter five must leave, One comes crawling back on her knees..."

Night Lights - This one starts out with an atmospheric '80s metal feel. The tempo slowly rises until it finds a good pace. The guitars then crunch out some rhythms for us to rock out to. The vocals lure us into their beloved era, ensuring we have fun with their music. Choral moments allow us to join in singing, "top of the world". At 03:15 the pace drops as the atmosphere reaffirms its dominance. This is also when the guitars break out into some nice lead work. The music shortly returns to its tempo. The vocals continue to holler, "we've got it all" until the end. Good track!

"Why are we in haste to get to the end, Why can't you see, Gotta pick it up and take it away from here, You gotta break it just to make it..."

Madsnakes - This song starts out with a sturdy rock beat and some frivolous guitar work. The vocals in this one seem to be either grunting or yelling their way through the track. It reminds me of Def Leppard in some respects. It's good for what it is, but I seem to appreciate their other tracks a lot more thus far.

"We're madsnakes and we're coming to get you, So pack your bags cause it's time to fly, Our anaconcorde is set for departure, Our destination is out of sight..."

Built To Rock - This one seems a little more inviting with its metal entry. I seem to be having a problem with the vocal yell. It is dulling the clarity so words seem mumbled whilst being yelled - muted speech. These vocals definitely have good moments and can give a good scream but I think they need work on the elocution. The music is kicking along and sounds great! I am impressed with the guitar work and the drums let their hidden skills shine through at times. The bass too is doing a good job. The vocal harmonies/choruses are great! They add such a great feel to the music.

"Play it loud and play it now, Sweet demands, Coming from the crowd, Get the wheels in motion and we're rolling,  Hit the road heading to unknown places..."

Love Is Fire - We begin with a grandeur introduction; atmospheric and loud. A welcoming scream is soon met by yet another upbeat, rocking music backing. There is a part in here between 02:04-02:24 which floods back memories of Poison's 'Unskinny Bop' bass groove. The rest of the song sounds nothing like it though. There is some nice lead guitar work between 03:18 - 04:05. This song has an interesting structure with slight changes and variations and ends as it began. I should note the sound engineering in this is excellent!

"You said you'd treat me right and never do me wrong, But it was all a lie, You said you'd stand by me and never leave my side, But now I'm running out of time..."

Ik Hou Van Jou - Here we have the longest track on the album with a duration of 07:47 and it starts out quite mellow and atmospheric. The title when translated from Dutch to English means "I love you". At 00:55 an acoustic composition begins. This song has really brought out the similarity of vocals between Maverick and Paul Stanley from Kiss. The pace is slow as it is a melodic and gentle piece. The music is inspirational and beautifully relayed.

"There was a time when darkness followed me around, But then you came along and put my feet on the ground, Showed me that life wasn't all that bad, To cherish the time we had and that love is all around..."

H.D.S.M. - Now for the final and title track on the album with a duration of 05:08. The music fades in - the snare drum marches us into the track amidst an atmospheric synth and guitar melody. I get the feeling this one is meant to be like a theme song for the band. It definitely creates an opening for the audience to join in with the chants, "Hair. Denim. Sex. Metal." It is almost like an 'in memory of' type track. An ode to the eighties. Regardless, it is fun, upbeat and rockin'!

"I got my hair sprayed up and my kicks hang high, Tonight we party like it's '85, My denims patched up baby thrash til I die, We aint ever gonna stop never gonna stop no..."


In essence, Electrik Dynamite have created a fantastic, '80s inspired album for us to enjoy. It is filled with what some may know as 'hair metal'. It has those beloved rock beats, lead guitar work and vocal harmonies we've all come to admire from that generation. The CD I received is the in-store version. The cover has a picture of Michelle Minx stepping into a Ford Mustang. Inside the sleeve is all the lyrics and some further promo shots of Minx with the car. The centre has just the car's  front end with all the members listed, noting their thanks. On the back of the booklet is a member listing, recording information and further accreditation. On the very back of the CD cover is a whole band picture and unnumbered track listing. The CD itself is black with the logo and title upon it. Underneath the CD spot is another whole band picture. This time from behind, with their denim jacket patches on display. Basically, if you are an avid fan of the '80s then you will love this. Even if you're not a big hair metal fan, then you can loosen up and have some fun with this album.
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Review by Déa di Morté © 20 April 2012
All lyrical extracts and pictures courtesy of Electrik Dynamite