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Of Rage And War

Of Rage And War

by Elvenstorm

Band Members:

Laura Ferreux - Vocals
Michael Hellström - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Damien Silvestre - Bass / Backing Vocals
Felix Börner - Drums

Forged in France from Teutonic Steel comes Elvenstorm. There was little information given to me let alone any available about this band, so I haven't got much to disclose. All I know at this point is they are influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Grave Digger, Running Wild and Lone Wolf. I've been issued with their debut album, 'Of Rage And War' for review.
Let's now discover the intrigue of Elvenstorm.


Winds Of War - The first blast of metal hints at a power metal storm approaching. The guitar sets a scene of battle and glory. The music is certainly bringing the power essence. The female vocals enter and I am not finding much power behind her vocals. Laura sings with a clean style; no grunt, no screams. She sounds quite youthful overall. When there is a scream, it sounds like she has been electronically altered. But in saying that, there is nothing wrong with her vocals overall. She definitely has the potential over time to develop a stronger voice which I think is needed for this genre. The guitars however, are fantastic! They let loose on the leads from 03:00 til close to the end of the track. The drums keep time perfectly whilst maintaining a thrash edge. This is a brilliant introduction the album!

"March through the storm, On cold winds of war, Ride through the mist, To battle them all, Steel on our side, We're horsemen of thunder, And I feel in me, The increase of power..."

Rebirth - This next song is also upbeat and well paced and it too has an alluring musical ensemble. It is the shortest track on the album at 03:32. This is the kind of music where one cannot escape the fate of whiplash and the drums certainly maintain a solid pace to thrash to. The vocals are reminiscent of Lita Ford in style. The guitars play a catchy rhythm throughout this track. It is very easy to get into and more so to enjoy.

"Riding on the wings of time, Waiting for salvation, Innocence and clarity, Chained in a devotion, Endless dreams in endless nights, Nothing but illusion, Another world another time, Just a new damnation..."

Witchhammer - The music tends to create a glorious theme to lose yourself in which makes it hard not to get into. It has a fast pace and crunching rhythms. The music is relayed perfectly well. My only concern is with the vocals upon scream attempts and their pitch. Though, as I said earlier, over time she will improve her vocal strength which is the only thing lacking in this album. In all honesty, you can't go wrong with such a powerful musical ensemble to accompany you. It is overall, a great track!

"Time standing still in these cold ancient halls, Hide in the shadows of skulls on the wall, They are crying, Spirits of the dead, Crypts of despair on the circle of hell..."

Struggle Within - With the first clamber of an instrument, you just know you are going to get moving. Elvenstorm have such a brilliant energy and style in their music which they deliver well. I am an avid fan of good guitar work and these guys certainly possess it. The only odd thing about this track is the ending. It just suddenly started to fade and end even though there was no real trigger for the listener to know it was coming.

"I don't want your hand this time, I will save myself, You play with my nerves so, Would it be the end? I really try to fight, I won't surrender, You want to test my might by the dark whispers..."

Black Visions - The drums continue to hammer away as the guitars let loose with their rhythms. It has an 80's metal feel to it all which is pretty cool to hear these days as everyone seems so stuck in current, marketable genre fads rather than talent. I can't get enough of these guitar leads - they are brilliant! I should note that the sound engineering on this album is excellent as you can hear all the instruments clearly. Though I haven't made mention of the bass yet, I can hear it and it is keeping up and keeping it beefy.

"Fear and confusion, evil illusions, Infinite eons of dream, Candles are burning, Witches are dancing, Wake up or not, Will I scream..."

Kill The Deceivers - The intro for this one is very melodic in an Iron Maiden style and quickly powers back into thrash mode. It is all going smoothly until 01:07-01:18 when the vocals and the guitar pitch are out of sync, which makes for a very shrieky listening experience. Unfortunately, once you hear that in a song, you are left bracing yourself for it to happen again which kills it for the listener. It's moments like this you wish you had a mute button for certain tracks from within the recording.  If you can get past that though, you can thoroughly enjoy the music.

"Rise from hell, back from the dead, Heart full of fear, distress and pain, Here comes the time when you fear my return, It's your turn to die..."

Raven In A Blackened Sky - This next one starts out heavy and low toned. The pace is fair at first but quickens throughout the chorus. At 02:40 there is a musical shift where the pace again becomes slowed. This soon picks up with some heavy guitar rhythms. Thankfully, there are no vocal hiccups in this one, so it all runs smoothly and contently.

"Paint the sky with blood tonight, I feel my end is near, My will to live has fallen, drowned into my tears, The chains of torment enslaved my soul, Death is just my throne, I will break the spell of my life, I know I'll die alone..."

Stand Thy Fall - The pace in this next track is upbeat and speedy. The drums hammer out their marching orders as the guitar crunches out chaotic speeds at times. The overall rhythm is catchy and very easy to get into. The backing vocals during the chorus allows for audience participation at live performances. It's another great track as this band shows much potential.

"Steel crawls in my veins, Breaking the chains, Outbreak of madness is coming to blowing the walls, through the night, Scream to the light, Burning bridges behind me to leave no retreat to be free..."

Legions Of Steel - The guitars lure us into this last track and bring forth a whirlwind of sound. The pace is as fast as every other track as they race us to the end of this album. You can only imagine the calluses upon the guitarist, Michael's fingers as you hear him racing up and down the fret board. The vocals manage to remain within their range for this final song, even with the higher pitches. Overall, this is a great finale for what has been a brilliant album.

"Out in the streets, we're marching to Hell, Spreading the call, we're ringing the bell, True raging steel, faster than light, Crossing the shadows, Immortal we are..."


In essence, Elvenstorm have created a fine example of their musical abilities. The guitar work is amazing and their best trait by far. They tend to keep a fast and upbeat pace which will ensure you lose your head at some point. There is a lot of power behind the music. The only criticism I have with this band is through the vocalist, Laura. She has the potential to make this band 100% but currently she does not possess enough power behind her voice. I think after a few lessons and over time, she will strengthen and make this band shine. The album I received seems to be the in-store version, just not with the complete casing. The CD sleeve is beautiful with a very smooth texture. The cover has a picture of a war scene with what looks like humans versus orcs. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics. Over the final two pages is the thanks and contact information. On the back page is the band positions, picture and recording information. On the very back of the CD is a numbered track listing along with a picture similar to the front. The CD itself also has this picture upon it. There is a huge thrash element to the music as well as a power metal influence for which I think is great! I strongly recommend you check them out for yourself on one of the links below.



Elvenstorm Facebook

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Inferno Records

Review by Déa di Morté © 05 November 2012
All pictures courtesy of Elvenstorm and Inferno Records