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World Extinction

World Extinction

by Extinctionist

Band Members:

Sebastian 'Grimo' Grihm - Vocals
Alexander Pohl - Guitar
Dennis Mitchell Petrausch - Guitar
Christoph Weilbach - Drums

2007 spawned a brutal death metal band in Chemnitz, Germany entitled Extinctionist. According to their bio, they sound like a mixture of Katalepsy, Disgorge, Dying Fetus and Cryptopsy. I’ve never heard these guys before today, but was given a copy of ‘World Extinction’ for review. It is noted that the last song on this album features contributions by Sakis Chatzitakis from Terrordrome and Mike from Philosopher. This album was released in March 2011. Let’s now check them out.


World Extinction (1 Down 7 Billion To Go) – The welcome quote to this album is, “Welcome to Earth, Population Zero.” It certainly sets the scene for what’s to come. Soon after this quote is a brutal attack on the senses. Searing guitars and rapid, alternating drums meet deep, ambulating vocals that growl and squeal like a monstrous pig! With this track only going for 01:57, it’s amazing just how much they stuffed into the track. This track is divided into four sections; the spoken intro, the first music portion from 00:10-00:56, then slaughter filled sounding samples and more spoken words this time in German until 01:15, then more brutality which seems like a whole new song until the end. It’s definitely got my attention!

Vortex Of Worms – The entrance into this track is spoken in German and I’ve no idea what they’re saying. The music is heavy with the deep vocals bringing its level even lower. It’s hard for me to get past the whole pig squealing sound they’ve got going. Though at the end of this track it sounds like a mix between a pig and a cricket. At times the depth of the vocal tone is much like the Tibetan monk in deep chant. The music itself seems quite scattered as if on alert and scrambling all over the place. You can follow along, but it doesn’t have an easy rhythm to get into. It’s really more like the type of music you listen to just to say, “Fuck, that’s heavy!”

Claustrophobic Cacophony – The start of this track is nice and heavy and I’d be happy to continue to listen to it if those pig squeals and cricket sounds didn’t enter the track. It’s simply too much and over used. Unless of course you were making a soundtrack for a home movie about your pet pig I really don’t see the point of pig squeal vocals as a continuously used item in metal. The main vocal is a standard death metal vocal, though it is very deep. It is just the secondary part that’s pissing me off and makes me wish I had an ‘erase this sound’ button. I really think they need to cut down on the pig molesting.

Fully Automated Aggression – At first, I really like the music and overall sound, but then in comes the pig. What is the attraction to the pig? Who is this group of metalheads they are targeting? I can only guess it is farmers or pig slaughterers! It’s only a short track at 01:25 but honestly, if I heard this at a gig, I’d walk out. I’d switch it off now if I didn’t have to review it.

Autopsy Asylum – The pace is fast and the music is brutally heavy. The main vocals are nice and deep and deathly. But then for whatever reason, along comes a pig and gives them a hard on and they won’t stop impersonating it. If this is not the reason for it, then is there a pig God they worship that I don’t know about? It’s a shame they are so attracted to using this vocal as the music is good.

Scourge Of The Posterity (I Am Ash) – I’m starting to think the reason for the music sounding so all over the place at times is a representation of them chasing a pig around the farm or through the bush. Must be one hell of a devious pig they’re after! There is a spot in here at 02:25 that would’ve been a great place for a lead guitar but instead they chose to use a little melody until the end of the track.

Unfold The Death – This is the shortest track on the album at 01:01 and basically, the music is good, the vocals are variable and it is perhaps the most tolerable for me thus far.

Slam Dome – The structure in this track is more diverse than its predecessors but then it is also the longest track at 04:25. The vocals too are a little more diverse as there are pig, cricket and frog sounds in here! All joking aside, I should note the sound engineering is very good and well balanced. I can actually hear all the different instruments and variations. The music in this is at times fast paced though slowed down to a more doom-like level toward the end.

The Executionist – Another short track at 01:42 and it starts out with some guitar work and complimenting drums. A spoken sample in German is played over this and again I have no idea what they’re saying. The overall music is fast paced and brutal.

Nocturnal Sepsis – The drums hammer out some machine gun like beats at first then alternate throughout the remainder of the track. I’m not sure if it a consistent double kick going on in here, but I can hear it at times. The guitars seem fairly consistent with their riffs and rhythms. Though there is a mini lead fairly set back in the track 01:17 - 01:25. At the end of this track is a really good impression of a frog going, “Ribbet! Ribbet!”

Corrupted By Perversity – There is an old school style of death metal music behind all these tracks from where you can see they draw their influences from. Though in saying that, I’m really not sure how this pig thing started. I’ve long known about the battle for the deepest, most brutally lowest death metal vocal one can possibly achieve, but this new battle for pig God status is beyond me. Though I will admit, this is more like a choir of pig, cricket and frog competing for God status. I guess now we can divide the world on which creature should be the new metal god. Will it be the carnivorous cricket? Will it be the ferocious frog? Or will it be the sinister squealing pig?

Chant Of The Paradox – This one is more like it! It starts out with some chunky rhythms to lure us in then along comes a mini guitar lead which is met by those deep and deathly vocals. I also stand corrected as we are introduced to the vocal sounds of a bird of prey. Yes, along comes a bird to devour the other creatures. Oh what a joyous end to the album! If you can follow this album in the manner I’ve portrayed you would have this; Pig squeals, “I am the new God”! Cricket screeches, “No, I am the new God!” Both pig and cricket compete in screams as “No, I am the new God!” Then frog comes along, “No, it is I who is the new God!” After some rumbling and tumbling along comes a bird who swoops on down after hearing the trouble below and says, “Wrong! You’re all fucked!” And devours them all! Joking aside, the music is acceptable; chunky, deep, grumbling death metal.

In essence, the music throughout this album is heavy, deathly and brutal. The vocals however, do not do justice to this album. If we could delete all the pig, frog and cricket sounding vocals, it would be a much more tolerable album. But then, that is just my opinion and some of you may well appreciate such vocals. The CD I received is a promotional copy so I cannot comment on the in-store version. On the front cover is a picture of what looks like a tower much like in Lord of the Rings surrounded by volcanic streams and barren landscape with other distant towers shooting light into the skies. Though I guess it may also be spewing volcanoes so we’ll leave it for open interpretations. On the back of the cover I received is a numbered track listing, contact and recording information. Basically, the music throughout this album is bloody brutal but the vocals ruin it for me. Check them out on the links below and see what you think.



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Review by Déa di Morté © 13 October 2011
All pictures courtesy of Extinctionist