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Of Sins And Passion

Of Sins And Passion

by Fat White Chiefs

Band Members:

Ivan Maximov - Guitar / Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Zhivko Nenkov - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ivaylo Tsenkov - Bass
Milen Kozov - Drums
Atanass - Vocals

In Bulgaria during 2007, Fat White Chiefs was born. Since 2008 they have been blasting their way through the metal realm. In 2009 they started work on their debut album and in the Summer of 2010 they released their album, 'Of Sins And Passion'. According to their bio, they own 'Expressive Arts Studio' - the place where this album was produced. I've not heard them before today, but am eager to hear what the Bulgarians are creating, so let's begin.


Intro - This aptly named piece is comprised of an orchestral assembly and whispers which are here no doubt to create an intriguing atmosphere for the listener and to prepare us for what is to come.

Master Joe - As we are led into this next track we are met by a catchy drum beat and further orchestral backing. The sound to this is quite obscure vocally. They are clean vocals but they have a strange tone to them at times, but for the most part, they are agreeable. The overall structure to this is theatrical and power metal in style. It's like a weird mix of Nightwish and Stormwitch that isn't completely over the top and with only male vocals. The sound engineering is quite good as all instruments are evenly heard. The transitions between parts are smooth and it all flows very well. There is some nice double kick drumming at the end and the guitar work is quite good throughout.

"I wake up in the silent night, Staring at the lights outside, What I have to do, my God, Stop the torture in my mind, I have no way to look forward, I have no reason to look behind..."

Sixth Sense - I think this is a xylophone leading us into the track. The vocals in this are spoken throughout each verse and sung during the chorus and some other segments. At one point they halt the music and play that xylophone thing during the intermission and it is like jumping into a lift for a while then out again and that's when the music starts back up. The pace throughout this is not at all fast but it remains at a steady rate. The music has a catchy rhythm and possesses one of those memorable vocal  melodies you can quite easily get stuck in your head.

"Every day when I open my eyes, I see your perfect body laying down on me, Your eyes, your skin, your hear like stream, It seems to me like live in my dreams..."

Different Point Of View - Some beefy guitars and complimenting drums take us into this next track and the pace has picked up quite a bit. This one seems to have a dark undertone about it. I should note the vocals are all decipherable and I haven't heard any off notes at all. All their notes are held well but they do seem to emphasise the vowels quite a bit. That is, all the notes end with the oh's and ah's. There is some nice guitar work in here toward the end. This is an interesting band as nothing thus far sounds even remotely similar.

"Now you know the truth, I have a different point of view, For all the rules and norms, For all dogmatic forms, And I don't wanna be, A part of this machine..."

Hunter Of Dreams - This next one seems more on the atmospheric side of things but that could simply be the synthesiser being consistent with the strings. It's got quite a laid back feel to it all even  when it seems they are trying to be more aggressive. There is an interesting musical shift at about 03:50 where it goes from some lead work to a melodic intermission. It is at this point they seem more progressive in their style, but they soon return to their airy aggression. I think it is the synth that flattens the aggressive element they are trying to achieve. Otherwise, it is a good track.

"Use my spirit, take me higher, Give me wings, I wanna fly, All my wishes and desires, Are painting picture in the sky, Darkness come to light, Blazing in my mind, Clouds are passing by, Shake me, break me, give me inspiration..."

Of Sins And Passion - A wavey guitar effect take us into this title track which ultimately locks us into submission with a nice lead. All the tracks thus far have interesting structures which proves some thought went into each track. The progressive nature of it all adds an intriguing touch to the flow and the fact that it does flow is pleasing. The drums easily hammer out their double kicks and keep the steady yet alternating pace functioning. The synth/piano seems more appropriately placed in this one giving it a panic type feel. The guitars sound smooth and are well played. I do love a good lead and this band like to offer them up.

"You have a million reasons and power to believe, Because you find the blessing in every touch, The passion flows in to you like a spreading of disease, You drink the cup of pleasure like a scotch, Light still fall down on you..."

You Know Why - A synthesised violin lures us in to this next track which is soon met by a catchy drum beat. Overall, this song is comprised of a yearning and striving atmosphere. It has much simplicity throughout it but this is possibly what makes it so effective for the listener to remain attuned.

"Girl every time you look so strong, And I ask myself how long, You'll be indifferent to me, Why you avoid me every night, I am losing all my pride, Now my soul belongs to you..."

Obsession - Crunching yet smooth guitar rhythms introduce us to this song creating an aggressive atmosphere for what seems to be a song about a stalker. With such a title, they have obviously crossed over the line from admiration to a more sickened desire. This shows in the musical structure so it is clearly portraying the song's motive. The track remains dark and aggressive throughout. It is not fast in pace but it is heavy and there is of course a nice guitar lead in here.

"I'm watching you from the shadows, When you turn off the light in your room, Night is full with hope for tomorrow, Close your eyes and you'll sleep so soon, Then I will come from the memories, Like a ghost of forgotten sin..."

The Shine Of Your Eyes - A gentle, atmospheric guitar melody takes us into this final track. The overall feel to this track is sombre and lonesome. It is slow paced yet incorporates a heavier atmosphere from about 02:25. It is basically a melancholic love song. It is a beautiful piece which leaves you wanting more which is always a nice way to end an album.

"Locked in the prison of my sins, Stand alone behind the dreams, On the point of no return, There in the silence of the night, Like a whisper from the sky, The rain is singing requiem for me..."


In essence, Fat White Chiefs have created a laid back, yet heavy, atmospheric, power metal based album with progressive elements. It's not one you can expect to thrash out to, but it is one you can simply enjoy listening to. The CD I received is a home-made copy. Though, it is quite professional looking as it has a glossy sleeve. On the front of the cover is the picture of an apple and handcuffs. Well, perhaps I should say centred rather than front, as it is folded a little different to usual. Alas, it is the main picture nonetheless. We also get a picture of some handcuffed hands holding the apple. On another section is individual pictures with corresponding names and positions and on the flip side of the cover are all the lyrics (printed in English). On the very back of the covering is a numbered track listing along with all the recording information. On the flip side of this is a picture of who I think is one of the band members blindfolded eating an apple with handcuffs draping from his wrist. Overall, I think this album would be more suited to fans of Accept, Sonata Arctica and such styles rather than those dedicated to death etc. Though, as always, I recommend everyone check them out on one of the links below and determine your own views.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 16 December 2011
All pictures courtesy of Fat White Chiefs