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War Upon Worship

War Upon Worship

by The Furor

Band Members:

Disaster - Warvoice / Drumslaughter
Kill Machine - Axe Mutilaton

Based in Perth, Western Australia lies a metal band by the name of The Furor. Since 2002 they have been tearing up the country with their blend of death and black metal. According to their bio, they are inspired by bands such as Bathory, Darkthrone and Absu. In June of 2011, they released their third album, 'War Upon Worship'. I've only heard a sample of their music before today but am eager to delve into this new creation so let's begin.

Vengeance Upon Golgotha - You might think when you hear this intro that you can settle into these ambient sounds for a while, though you would be mistaken. The ambient synth goes for only 2.5 seconds before the incineration begins. The drums are being bashed at a furious pace. The guitar is climbing up and down the fret board unable to find respite. The vocals are carnivorous as they growl and scream. To think this continues for a duration of 08:18 is astounding. It is an explosive introduction, that is for sure. Its intensity is sure to awaken your senses  as it has mine. I am in awe.

"Crafted by the Furor, Cereberus incarnate, Bastions of unholiness, Arise then dominate, Impervious to all fear, Aligned with shining ones, Invoke the prince of tears, Survive the setting sun..."

Hammers Of Masters - There is only a split second break between songs so you had better have had your stamina potion before indulging in this chaos. There is no letting up in the pace, in fact I think it may have increased a tad. The drummer is simply brutalising those skins. The guitars are keeping the rhythms flowing in a chaotic manner - it is really like a theme for a crazed horror film segment. The vocals are deathly in a blackened style. They are decipherable only for some of the time, but if you can follow along with the lyrics, it helps. The music gives you the impression their heads are forcing their way through the speakers and screaming directly at you. It really is that intense and confronting. It's great!

"Perdition is here! Steadfast we arrive, The infernals, Villainous tyrants, Precursors of the almighty total death, Tribulation past, The antichrist emerge at last, Plunge righteous harpers into silence unending..."


Call Me Doom - Straight into this next track and the pace is just as intense as all the rest. The sound has been engineered well as you can hear all the parts coherently. It also helps to establish the overall structure of the music, so it's not just a distorted blaaah on your ears. It has that well known distortion black metal seems to thrive on, but it is perfectly placed back so you can indulge in all the sound quality they have to offer. This is some good black metal music and I am very impressed it is Aussie black metal too.

"War on holiness hereafter! Hung upon cross, Rivers of holy blood must flow, Covens appoint a grand new master, Infernal sire, Whoremonger of the deep, The infinite within us bound in fire..."

Supreme Righteous Mauling - There is something about this music that lures you in like a cyclone. My feet haven't stopped tapping and my head hasn't stopped nodding since I pressed play. If I close my eyes as I listen to the music, I find myself in a moshpit. I ensure I stay within the pit because on the outside, we are surrounded by flames. It's a soothing place, here in the pit. And that's really why we all enjoy metal isn't it? Because the outside world is so shit and it's this type of music that keeps us sane and harmonious. For the final 40 seconds of this track, the music takes pause to relay some atmospheric sounds so you may catch your breath and prepare yourself for the next obliteration.

"Tyrants unleashed! Epic blows condemn vast empire walls, Appalling text invokes abysmal trials upon the earth, Assault by fire, Cloven hoof charge on, Persecuting liars..."


Rebirth Mark - This is the shortest track on the album at 04:11. I can only imagine their moshpits must be some seriously brutal places to be. There are no breaks or rests for the listener , so anyone with a heart problem or similar may want to choose a different album to chill out to. The music manages to put all your guards up and send your organs and blood pressure into a wild frenzy. You will find yourself edgy as hell, but why? Because your body will be aching to thrash the fuck out, that's why.

"Standing within flaming pits of rage, Redeemed in battle, Ravagers of purest light, Summoned by the call, Enslaved by moons forever after, A servant to sin more and more..."


Auras Of Ice - For the next 06:42 we are inundated by hammering drums, searing guitars and blood thirsty vocals. I hope you have more stamina potions at the ready as you surely need them to keep the pace with this band. You may also require some agility too. This one has quite the catchy rhythm to it. Half way through the track there is a brief pause where you would be excused for thinking it has ended, where it has not. I am loving this music; it is fast paced, high energy, motivating and simply metal.

"Searching for storms that bleed us, Brought by the lust in our blood, Stark red! Midwinter thick with evil, Unsettled spirits abound, Still death! Ever igniting fever, Sickness in the house of God, Failed crest! Venomous born unsilenced..."

Unholy Supremacy - I must admit, it is hard to type appraisals when your body is being thrown into convulsions from such music. This song has an interesting structure. It starts as all the others; chaotic and brutal. Then at 01:35 it has a musical shift where it drops intensity and plummets into a stoner-like-groove pace. It's quite like having been knocked in the head and having an I'm-seeing-stars moment. At 02:13 it re-establishes its true nature and continues its onslaught until its timely end.

"Black fire strikes our path behold, Pyres burn swiftly, Though plague battered ground we march, Approaching briskly, The towers of Saurc Naroth stand pair, Wretched fortress, Lies abode..."

Pain Profound - Here we have the final track on the album and it is unrelenting. The drums consistently pummel away as the guitars shred their way through the track. The blackened vocals roar throughout the commotion. The entire track is brutal and confronting and merely fades out at the end without even a hint of the band even going to stop playing. What a way to end the album.

"Onward empowered, Vengeance upon our breath, Pace through wilderness, Rampaging storm of the masters, Expelled domain, Forever bleed only to reign, Ages bear witness, To a sacred order at long last slain..."


In essence, The Furor has created an intense, black metal album. It was truly a pleasure to indulge in this. It is high energy throughout this entire album. Black metal fans will happily immerse themselves in this offering. The CD I received is the in-store version. The CD cover is quite fitting for its content with a picture of a gothic or even a demonic looking tower. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics with the centre presenting the band members photos with corresponding names and positions - it is all very black metal looking. On the back of the sleeve is the recording info and thanks. On the very back of the cover is an unnumbered track listing. I really enjoyed listening to this album and I know that after tapping along for as long as I did, I am going to feel the pain in the limbs later. If you love your black or death metal then you will love this. If you are looking for something fast paced and high energy, then you must give this a listen. I honestly think this is a must for any metalhead's collection. Check them out on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 04 January 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of The Furor and Prime Cuts Music