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Dolce Vita Sath An As

Dolce Vita Sath An As

by Grimlord

Band Members:

Barth la Picard - Lead Guitar / Vocals / Synth
Orson - Bass
Lukass - Drums

Here we have a progressive thrash metal band from Poland. They have issued me with a copy of 'Dolce Vita Sath An As' for review. This looks to be their fifth album and has been released through Trident Harmony in 2009. I've never heard them prior to this day and am anxious to hear what they have to offer, so let's get into it.

Dolce Vita Sath An As - The introduction to this album consists of a curious synth sound which soon becomes quite the onslaught. The pace is fairly consistent, enough to maintain a headbanging flow. It has a catchy rhythm in the chorus for which everyone can sing along to at gigs. There is a nice lead in here at about 03:00. The vocals are clean with only a minute death additive. At 04:28 the pace quickens with a more intense choral explosion. This track ends with pub filled laughter.

When The Heads Are Going Down - This next track has somewhat of an Iron Maiden feel to the rhythm. The synth in this track however, does not blend in so well. If it wasn't in here, I would appreciate this track a lot more. The drums get some notoriety in here with a basic drum solo period which is more of a prelude for the speed beats to come. Even the bass stands out at the end of the song. The overall mix is fine but it is just the synth in here which ruins the track. Otherwise, it's a pretty good track!

Oh! My King - This track starts out with the song title being spoken. The vocals are in English and the accent is pretty thick so it is kinda cute hearing the lyrics being sung. It adds a significant element to the music which is a good thing and a much needed thing to distinguish oneself in this industry. There is another good lead in here and this is another good thing about this band; they're not afraid to kick out a lead. It has a good rhythm to it and is very easy to get into. Good track!

Shade Of Wrath Angels - This next track is an instrumental. There are plenty of good riffs and leads, structural changes, consistent drumming, complimentary synth rhythms and is overall a good filler for the album. Perhaps a bit too soon for one though I would think. It actually sounds like we've switched from one album to another as the sound level just dropped.

Ground Zero - This track is also an instrumental and incorporates extracts of what may be news snippets of the US 9/11 moment or aftermath. It is quite similar to its predecessor. There is a strange sound behind the music, like some sort of effect which doesn't blend in. I'm not sure if this copy I have is a burn of the sample of what they were going to record or the actual album itself as the CD itself is blank, like a double sided blank CD. If it is merely a sampler then I can let these small discrepancies go but if this is the final product, then they need a better sound engineer. Looking past this, the music itself has a strange feel to it like there is a mystery waiting to be solved.

Dissolution Of Eternity - Yet another instrumental but this one does sound different to the others. It seems more 80s thrash style based or influenced. They are very good at playing their guitars and drums and they work quite well together but I am not a fan of so many instrumentals in a row. Alas, it is a good sound and would make great background music for when you are otherwise occupied. Again, I can hear a background issue so it must be in the burning as it doesn't seem like an instrument or purpose made effect.

Ancient Land Of Ys - An acoustic guitar leads us into this next track alongside the sounds of the ocean. It is a sombre sound and gentle melody throughout this instrumental. It is not until 02:45 when the music gets heavier. Sadly, throughout this track that annoying background effect has invaded, so the ambience is ruined. Looking past this, the music is overall quite beautiful and expressive. It is the second longest track on the album at 07:11.

Avericious Scavenger / Panth Of  Lash - Here we have the shortest track on the album at 04:36. It starts out with some slow tempo drumming and rhythmic guitars which soon become a heavier force. It is yet another instrumental to show off their talents with. This track has more of a metal edge to it than its predecessor and harbours some nice lead guitar work. The end to this track consists of a gentle guitar melody.

Lamentation Sword - Here we have the final and longest track on the album at 07:46. It starts off with a gust of wind, piano and church bells. Then in comes the heavy artillery; drums, guitar. In here you will find a variety of guitar leads and a diverse yet flowing structure. The piano acts as an interim and structural shift. The end of this song goes up in flames. It is fitting they should end the album with an instrumental since the majority if this album consists of them. Overall, this piece strings you along its emotional exploration and manages to enslave you.

In essence, this album has much in the way of instrumentals. I am not a fan of so many instrumentals so this is not my thing. However, I do appreciate the amount of awesome guitar leads. The CD I received contains no sleeve so therefore no lyrics and I'm not even sure if this is an in-store item. I am really hoping it isn't because of that irritating background noise I mentioned. I'm more than sure a perfected sound engineered version of this album would be worth the purchase. I would be more inclined to see them perform live at the moment. However, if you were looking for background music then this would be good for that. I would prefer this band used more vocals in their works as I love the thick accent coming through. Check out the links below and discover this band for yourself. Remember, no one else's opinion matters more than your own.



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Review by Déa di Morté © 19 January 2011
All pictures courtesy of Grimlord