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by Hazmat

Band Members:

Jay - Vocals / Guitar
Caine - Drums
Duck - Guitar
Stu - Bass / Backing Vocals

Blasting their way out of Sydney, Australia is Hazmat. They are a four piece, traditional metal band who's been around the scene for quite some time now. They've given me a copy of their debut self titled album for review. I've seen them play a few times so I know what to expect with this one. It's basically all thrash metal inspired rockin' tunes and I've been waiting
to hear how crisp this album is, so let's begin.


(Hazmat) - This is a short instrumental based introduction to the album at only 00:31 and it sounds promising.

Wings Of The Devil - Straight into this track and the pace is maintained at an average rock speed. There is an underlying heaviness weighing in on the track which I think is portrayed through the clean yet strong male vocal. At one point the vocal drops into a gentle vocal style but he soon returns to his sturdy stance. There is some nice lead guitar work in here which really adds to the essence. Overall, it is a good track.

"When that small life begins you no matter your call, All remains equal till one trips and falls, Hate becomes rampant, the dominant race, All get to see it shoved in their face..."

Blitz Attack - This next track is a short burst of traditional metal. It goes for merely 01:55 yet is well paced. Still maintaining a standard rock beat on the drums but the guitars crunch out some metal rhythms to head bang to, not to mention relay a few good riffs. The vocals are basically declaring their admiration for metal. It's a good, solid track.

"As you feel the surge a crushing human wave, The pounding force of metal exploding from the stage..."

Life - This one is comprised of standard rock beats but utilises a few more alterations in the drumming. The entire track is catchy and very easy to get into. At times, you would be forgiven if you thought this wasn't metal as it's not deathly nor furious in its pace, but as I mentioned earlier, they tend to play a more traditional style of metal where it is rock beat paced with a strong, beefy edge and some great guitar riffs and leads. This is one of those bands you can show your anti-metal friends how wrong they are as not all metal is demonic and evil. But then again, who wants to be friends with those ignorant losers anyway?! Metal comes in all forms and this is one of the original styles.

"It's easy for you to pass judgement on me to scrutinise my reality, Alone on the floor as your gears start to bind, sanity's threads they start to unwind..."

Extinct - You can really hear the influences behind these tracks through their instruments, rhythm and structure. The pace in this one is average yet heavy and includes some racy sections guitar wise. There may not be an overzealous double kick drum rolling scenario going on here, but the pace is very moshable. There is a very masculine edge to it all. So much so I can imagine a bunch of beefy guys standing around enjoying the music with beer in hand nodding in agreement. The sound engineering in this is excellent - all instruments are evenly heard. It is yet another good track.

"You are the one who offers all the gain, i am the one with the low self esteem, You are the one with all the bright ideas, I am the one left drowning in my tears..."

Unnatural Selection - This next one starts out a little different with a crunchy introduction. The musical structure is quite varied yet simple so it flows well. This is the good thing about this band - it is not over complicated. I love all the guitar parts and how they coherently play-fight their lead work at times. All the lyrics are clear, all the instruments are clear and the song's direction is clear. It is simple and effective.

"Freezing out in the coldest of all wars, Watching the pain in their eyes for what it's worth, Holding hope for the future starts to break their hands, Requests on deaf ears fall now it's time to make demands..."

Snake - A guitar riff lures us into this next track and we are engrossed with a well paced drum beat. Thankfully, this song is filled with many a guitar lead and they bring out the play-fighting again which is a nice touch. This band are quite enjoyable as they are very easy to get into and follow. Most of the tracks on here are around four to five minutes in length. You don't require any effort to enjoy them which is always a plus.

"Who would believe that the venom received could be delivered by someone that is known, An end to your farce a show of colour at last as you slither on out of your hole..."

Blue Murder - The feet are tapping away as the ears indulge in these basic metal rhythms. This one gave me a flashback to DRI. Even though the drum beat may sound similar throughout, none of the songs are sounding repetitive. Each has their own essence and reason to enjoy. Though, I will note that in this one the drums pull off a beefy moment toward the end. This really is good, old pub metal at its best.

"Interrogate tools of the trade, it works every time, you did it you didn't do it, we got you sunshine..."

Hate For Me - There is a slight Pantera feel to this one. It isn't a fast paced one, it is more low key but it has depth and a good structure. There is nothing bad to say about this band at all. All these tracks so far have been very easy to enjoy and I could definitely listen to it all again and again.

"I don't hate you, hate your hate for me, you're going away, want you to stay, all your dreams are blown to hellfire, We know you must go, your God only knows, It's an honour to have you die, Here's your gun for your life..."

Shadows - A catchy rhythm and beat takes us into this next song. It's all fairly standard but it's simple and effective and relays a strong, sturdy essence. My legs are getting a good work out as I foot tap along to the drum beat as is my neck as I nod along. The music really heats up toward the end of the track.  It's another fine example of their work.

"Closer to the truth seems to be where I am, falling from the dreams to life you see well I can, It's alright it's only me, hail the truth to set you free, everyone down has to bow to thee, coming home..."

Spilt Trust - The sound of a roulette wheel starts off this next one. The guitars in here are fairly crunchy with some smooth transitions between parts. The drums thump out a consistent pace throughout. The vocals are clean yet confronting. Overall it is yet another good track.

"You've lost your way you've lost your say, you feed the beast that pulls your life away, You wear the poker face to hide your shame, lonely self destruction is your game..."

Repressed - The band obviously work well together as their twin guitars crunch out some rhythms in unison to start off this track. There is a lot of strength amidst this one, not to mention some more respectable lead guitar work. There is also a consistent, energetic flow throughout this song.

"Things to mind now seen not known before are infinitely repressed till a conscious open door, See the first time another life line hoping it would pass, filling my mind blood in my eyes visions of the past..."

The Judge - Here we have the longest track on the album at 06:22. It starts out reminiscent to old Metallica rhythmically with even a touch of Slayer and Megadeth in parts. I love hearing where people draw their influences from in their music. It's a very different thing when they impersonate them though, which this band does not do. It's mere inspiration and it seems to be working very well.

"Of all the places to wake, of all the lies and mistakes, I feel I'm incarcerate, This cell is not mine, Of all the let offs before is someone keeping the score that put bars on the doors, I swear it's not mine..."

Ragged Bloody Heroes - Now for the final track on the album. It's another great track and war themed as a few of these are. It is well paced and thought out, resulting in a very catchy tune. I should think many patriotic folk will appreciate this. Though really I think everyone should as everyone should commemorate the strength, courage and sacrifice of every person who ever fought a war, regardless of which 'side' they were on since war is only for the overly possessive cock comparers and innocent persons are made to suffer for it. I think it is a good way to end this album as it leaves you wanting more.

"Marching down from Circular Quay, the Air Force, Army and Navy, Tired old men who do their best with their ribbons and their medals high up on their chest, Young folk they don't understand forgotten wars forgotten lands, But every year the bagpipes play to remind us all of yesterday..."


In essence, Hazmat has created a very catchy, easy going yet strong and sturdy album. There are plenty of guitar leads but they are not overdone. The CD I received is the in-store version. The cover bears a dreadful scene of a playground within a war torn city with a Hazmat team seemingly searching a long line of people. The most notable part would be the crawling baby at the front of the scene wearing a gas mask. Inside the CD sleeve are all the lyrics with a name labelled, whole band picture in the centre. On the back of the sleeve is the band and recording information. On the CD itself is a close up of that gas mask wearing baby crawling over rubble with the band logo also upon it. Under where the CD is kept is a symbol over the torn landscape. On the very back of the CD cover is a numbered track listing. An excellent cover over all. I think that if you don't like growling and undecipherable, high speed metal, yet you do enjoy metal, then you will definitely like this. Do yourself a favour and check them out on the links below as it is worth the purchase.



Hazmat Website

Hazmat Facebook

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Review by Déa di Morté © 23 November 2011
All lyrical extracts and pictures courtesy of Hazmat