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Atoms And Space

Atoms And Space

by Hedras Ramos

Band Members:

Hedras Ramos - Guitar / Keyboards
Hedras Ramos Sr - Bass
Billy Ashbaugh - Drums

Atoms And Space also includes guest musicians:

Jekkinfer Batten - Guitar solo on 'Sweet Mercy'

Andy James - Guitar solo on 'Stars And Comets'

Muris Varajic - Guitar solo on 'Hot Arabia'

Sergey Boykov - Keyboard solo on 'Weird Scientists'


Today I rescind my position on paragraphed reviews as I am given a copy of 'Atoms And Space' by Hedras Ramos for review. This is purely an instrumental guitar based album. Rather than repeatedly tell you how great the guitar sounds in each song, I thought I might try something a little different.

Before we begin, let's find out a little bit about Hedras Ramos. This is the third CD for Hedras Ramos. Others include 'New Sounds' and 'The Holy Gift Of Shred'. He is based in Guatemala and was a finalist for UK's Guitar Idol in 2009.

Preparations for absolute listening pleasure is to lay down upon your bed with the lights out in a quiet, dark room. Ensure the music surrounds you by placing the speakers accordingly or perhaps even indulge direct with your headphones. Get comfortable, free your mind of any woes and begin.

Track Listing:

1. Stellar Crash

2. Glorious War

3. Stars And Comets

4. Anastasya

5. Weird Scientists

6. Hands Of God

7. Sweet Mercy

8. Dead Atom

9. Atoms Of Distortion

10. Vanilla Clouds

11. Hot Arabia

12. Virtual Tangles

13. Insanity Of The Atoms

The album proceeds with a space like atmosphere and a mild tempo. The entire album is galactic themed so you should prepare yourself for a mind altering experience. There are no vocals as this is, as I said, an instrumental album. There is only one item which sings to you on here and that is the guitar. The guitar work throughout this is brilliant and varied as it transcends from melodic and rhythmic to extensive lead guitar work. The tempo and pace also varies with mild, serene moments to heavy and intense outbursts.

As you listen to the music you can feel yourself lift up into the heavens and exploring the far regions of the universe;  passing stars and planets, dodging space junk and meteors and the like. The guitar will guide your travels and ultimately bring you safely home.

I think the most chaotic track for your mind is 'Weird Scientists'. As you listen to this one you will find yourself desperately trying to avoid flaming meteors hurling toward you. The following track, 'Hands Of God' is like a reward for your perseverance which gently nudges you through open space where you can relax and enjoy the galactic scenery.

'Sweet Mercy'  may give you the impression of discovering something truly beautiful and majestic. It is perhaps after hearing this you may see there is yet another collision heading your way as 'Dead Atom' begins. During 'Atoms Of Distortion' you will of course still be dodging particles, though I think it may be more fun in this one. Perhaps even blasting your way through the galaxy now you have more of an understanding of what it is which surrounds you.

Once you hear 'Hot Arabia' you will find an experience similar to Santana if you haven't found this amidst the music all ready. As you indulge in 'Virtual Tangles' you will find the most metal part of this album as the double kicks and furious guitar rhythms kick in.

As you can see, there are high's and low's and adjustments in pace and tempo to enhance your experience. Everyone's impressions will of course be different but you are guaranteed an experience nonetheless.

In essence, if you are interested in guitar work, if you enjoy mind enhancement and if you simply appreciate music, then I suggest you give this a listen. I think it's healthy and important to keep a diverse batch of music in your stash. This is rather like a combination of Santana and Satriani. It's much heavier toward the end but you will find fragments of metal scattered throughout this album. The CD I received is the in-store version. The front cover has some spacey artwork to alert you to its content's theme. Inside the sleeve is an in depth guide to the music's creation and details about Hedras with a picture of him on the very back of the sleeve. The CD itself has a numbered track listing upon it. On the very back of the CD cover is also a numbered track listing and a picture of Hedras with is guitar. I envy those that can play the guitar like this with such ease and enthusiasm. Basically, if you want inspiration or simply to be entertained then I suggest you get yourself a copy of this album. Check out Hedras Ramos on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 25 January 2012
All pictures courtesy of Hedras Ramos