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by Imminent Psychosis

Band Members:

Stephen Lea - Guitar / Vocals
Greg Lea - Guitar
Damian Manov - Bass
Justin Dahlenburg - Drums
Having heard Imminent Psychosis before, I basically knew what to expect with this album and it sure as hell does not involve disappointment! These blokes hail from Adelaide, South Australia and have been around since 2002 and have created some wicked metal for us to embrace, and embrace we shall. With one previous self titled album and a variety of compilations under their belt, you can be sure this is going to be a bloody good listen!

Damaged - Straight into this track with some killer metal sounds, consisting of some old school influence in the likes of Death! This track wreaks metal and it is taking me back to some sweet moments in history. The drums, the riffs and the vocals are just as it should be; old school death metal.

“Damaged by nothing, destroyed while not living, The earth pulls it down, it crumbles around, Hurt by itself, it’s damaged again, And anger it has caused, which fuels the fight…”

New Blood – This track is filled with deathly changes in rhythm, vocals and overall structure, yet sustaining its flow and basic essence. I can’t get over how much this sounds like Death and because of that I am enraptured. Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t about a band just wanting to sound like Death! This is a band with their own unique styles and sound and abilities incorporating their influence into today’s metal realm and keeping it as it should be! Nice guitar solo in here and the drums keep their pace perfectly. Love it!

“Leave this place that you’re at, For death will come slow, In side it grows more hate, And fills this blood…”

Ambush – The drums and guitar upon immediate entrance is awesome as the entire track is! It is filled with a variety of wicked guitar solos, a consistent drum beat, throat scarring vocals and an overall metal essence unlike a lot of bands these days. Just brilliant!

“Can’t escape this blood stained path, Suffocating what’s left of my life, Fight my way out of hell to get thrown back again, Only way out is through the sky…”

Instant Gratification – I love the little riffs in the introductions, they’re very cool! The music presents basic human aggression expressed in the form it should be. It is heavy, it is exploding and yes, I am going to say it.. it is brutal!

“Can’t you feel the anger growing inside, Living, breathing, taking over your mind…”

Concrete Boots – Cymbals for an intro.. well.. I haven’t heard that in some time! I have gotta tell you all, I really love this music! It is comprised of all the good old school death metal elements without getting too cheesy or over zealous about it and Imminent Psychosis just present it so bloody well. The drummer is doing one hell of a good job! Drummer of the Year perhaps?! And those mini guitar leads and riffs are blowing my mind! That is one thing metal is missing these days; awesome guitar leads. It’s not wanky if you’re not a poser, and these guys are anything but. Listen and learn people!

“Awaken bound and gagged, Smell of blood all too known, A lifetime of evasion, In fear of the imminent death…”

Corrupt Extinction – The blood is flowing and scorching through the veins and the urge to get out there to a gig is ever increasing. I’ve known I like this band for some time, but hearing it sober at home truly clarifies just how bloody good they are! Honestly, this is the type of music that motivates you and gets you up and out of your zombie state and gets the blood boiling and ready to conquer. Brilliant tunes, great production, go and buy it!

“Guilty of dishonest practices, all this bribery, Will be condemned to hell…”

Charred Remains – This one is straight to the point; fast, heavy, fierce.


Vengeance – How can I express how truly metal this is?! Hmm.. It is flowing through me like I’ve always known this is how it was meant to be, like the air I breathe, it’s the metal within me! No?! Ok then.. Rampaging drums, sinister guitar riffs, throat ripping vocals and an ever present death. Yep, that’s it.

“No one ever knew his name, No one ever saw his face, Scarred from the years, The submission and the fear, He vows to condemn, All who have destroyed him, As he prays for the day…”

Epic – I do love a good double kick and I just can’t go past a soul caressing lead guitar. Ok, this is metal ecstasy! This is a killer instrumental. I can hear some Metallica influence in here and by that I mean the original Metallica sound. This is the kind of music you want to hear which inspires you to play guitar and drums and gives you the hope of being on stage one day.

Ruthless – This is filled with amazing riffs and leads and emanates the essence of this album. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. Sometimes words escape me, so really, the only way I can express to you just how good this album is, is by you hearing it for yourself. It’s just bloody brilliant! There is an untitled secret song after Ruthless which is rather humorous in its own deathly way. Interesting end of recording too.. hmm.. ok, so aside from that.. awesome album!

“What’s the sound of hate? What’s the sound of pain? Ruthless thoughts betray my mind, That scars me mentally…”

In essence, this album is worth your last cent. It contains every aspect of how metal should be and is a definite must for your collection. If you like Death, Obituary, Slayer and so on, then you are sure to love this! You can start by checking out their Myspace, but I urge you to simply buy the album, it’s fantastic! The CD sleeve has all the lyrics, band picture, contact info and is presented well. The CD itself is clearly printed and overall it’s just as it should be. Total mind blower.. get it!
Imminent Psychosis

Review by Déa di Morté © 01 July 2009
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Imminent Psychosis