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Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash

Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash

by King Parrot

Band Members:

Matt Young - Vocals
Andrew Squires - Guitar
Ari White - Guitar
Slatts Slattz - Bass
Matt Rizzo - Drums

King Parrot have been blasting their way through the Australian metal scene for a few years now. They hail from Victoria, Australia and gave me a copy of their album, 'The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash' for review. I spoke with their vocalist, Matt, back in October of 2011 and asked him to describe their music, "Like someone overdosing after a massive night on a concoction of booze and every drug known to man. It’s like vomiting nails. A more simple explanation would be Thrash/Grind." You can read more on that here. Let's now discover 'The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash' for ourselves.


Epileptic Butcher - The introduction to this album begins with a fairly catchy rhythm which soon becomes brutally contaminated by an intense shift in both tempo and heaviness. The drums hammer out some beautiful double kicks. The vocals are not 100% decipherable and has a slight resemblance to Brian Johnson from AC/DC but in a very 'core style. The guitars retain a fairly basic yet melodic rhythm to follow. I especially like the end of the track as it breaks out into a blackened scream and intensifies until its imminent conclusion.

"Spent ammunition breeding surgical precision it's the mess which this recession delivers..."

Sun In The Sea - This next track has that true grind element from which I was brought up with; both blackened and deathly screams, hammering drums and livid guitar rhythms and melodies. There is just something about this style that I find enticing. As heavy as it is, I don't find it to be an over indulgence in high testosterone levels. I simply find it to be a healthy place for my head to combust and release any stress as I indulge in the music.

"Sun in the sea, Darkness Bleeds, Out of a womb, You'll never be anybody..."

Psychotherapy And Valium - A bass guitar groove lures us into this next track. We are soon greeted by an explosive ensemble which includes a short spurt of double kicks. You will know exactly when to begin your mosh as the vocals signify its time. There is a musical shift at about 01:32 where the pace slows and the heaviness increases. It again gathers force until the end. It is the longest track on the album with a duration of 02:21. Overall, it is a good track and I am really enjoying this album.

"Servant! It's becoming a rage, False God, Turned ape, Bring me the pipe..."

Lawnmower Dog - This next track blasts out high levels of intensity as it crams it all in to a mere 48 seconds. It brings me back to the Napalm Death 'Excursion to Obliteration' days and that of course is not a bad thing at all.

"Dogs going for a walk, Walking in the park, Working through my gate, I'm mowing the lawn..."

What You Need (My Cock) - This song delivers a heavy groove along with some humour. It has a fairly steady and heavy guitar rhythm throughout the track. There seems to be an ongoing theme with the lyrics, "my balls in your mouth". I can't decipher much else from the lyrics when I simply listen. You can of course read the lyrics from the insert. The audience can also choose to sing along as that particular section is sung in group form. I would get a giggle out of seeing an entire audience singing along to this song. It is a good one, indeed.

"Slight deformity born abnormally, It's where my erection gets its blood to be..."

The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash - Here we have the final song on the album and also the title track. The music is fast paced and fairly heavy.  As consistent as it is, there are rapid spurts of intensity. I am not 100% sure, but from reading the lyrics it seems as if this song is about the Tote venue in Victoria and the struggle to keep it going. Either way, it's a great way to end the album.

"Conquer and divide us, The old grey Tote is dying, Now we're marching up over the hill..."


In essence, King Parrot have created a great little grinder for us all to enjoy. The CD I received is the in-store version. The cover has their logo and a drawing of a parrot upon it along with the album title. The CD itself has simply the same, though without the parrot upon it. The CD comes with a one page insert. On the reverse side of this insert you will find all the lyrics typed out, yet crammed together into one small section. Most inventive!  It also has a whole band picture with corresponding member names, the recording information and endorsements. On the very back of the CD cover is a numbered track listing and further artwork. Great drawings! Basically, if you like your grindcore and thrash, then you will definitely like this. I think it's great and recommend you check them out for yourself on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 14 May 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of King Parrot