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A Loss Made Forever

A Loss Made Forever

by Lapis Lazuli

Band Members:

Frida Eurenius - Vocals
Timo Hautamäki - Keyboards / Vocals
Johan Karlsson - Guitar
Tobias Rhodin - Guitar
Henrik Nyman - Bass
Jocke Ivarsson - Drums

Lapis Lazuli are a symphonic metal band who hail from Sweden. The last time I reviewed them, they were known as Aftermath. As there are countless bands with such a name, they reverted to their original name of Lapis Lazuli. Their previous release, 'Tides Of Sorrow' utilised the services of a singer based in the USA. They have since recruited another, Frida Eurenius. I really liked their last album and have been eager to hear the new line-up, so let's begin.


Ascension  - The album begins with an atmospheric instrumental comprised of synth and sorrow with a touch of hope.

A Loss Made Forever - This next piece is where it all truly begins as the new vocalist for Lapis Lazuli makes their debut. Frida is a welcome addition to the band as she blends well within their symphonic metal style. The music has an epic approach to the atmospheric sound. There are also male backup vocals in here performed by Timo. Overall, it has been a grand entrance to this album.

The Silence - Here we have the longest track on the CD at 06:21 and it is a blast of splendour. The good thing about these vocals is that they are neither overdone nor over powering. They truly blend well within the music as if another instrument. I also like how they are working harmoniously with Timo for the occasional duet. The music continues to bellow ambitious suites which flow with ease. It is a pleasure to listen to.


Home - There is much passion and eloquence within here; both musically and vocally. As the composition is heartfelt, it easily captivates the listener. The sorrow is implanted just as much as the desire to fight your way out is. It creates a story for you to follow within your mind. Your body will tense up in all the right places as the emotions lead your journey throughout this song.

Serpent (Black Sun) - This next track has a middle eastern feel to the music. The structure is quite diverse and yet flows perfectly well. There are both male and femme vocals in here with the male taking the lead for this one. I should note that all the vocals on this album are of a clean, melodic style and any leads tend to begin with the synth, followed by the guitar though there are no outstanding moments for a lead. Lapis Lazuli have ensured the music blends everything together harmoniously and evenly.

When Dreams Collide - Even by the title one can imagine this to be an epic explosion and of course it is. The grand, symphonic opening introduces the femme vocals. Even though they are clean I have trouble understanding them at times. My only constructive criticisms for Frida are to present a lyrical clarity and to watch those breaths between parts. Though perhaps the sound engineer should be assisting with that. As you listen to the music, you can just imagine this being performed live as being one hell of an experience.

Dragged Into Shade - Here we have the final track on the album and it is a little messy in parts. There is something within the synth that seems a tad out of place in the beginning. Perhaps that there is so much going on it simply got lost in the sound. The sound engineering on this album has been quite good but this track ends abruptly and with an additive at the very end. Basically, it doesn't have the quality that I think it deserves. Perhaps it was rushed? Aside from this, the intention of the track is excellent and I can hear how it is supposed to be so I'd like to hear any improvements for this on a new recording.


In essence, Lapis Lazuli have created an excellent debut album for their new vocalist, Frida. This is the band's third release yet only second using this band name (their previous name was Aftermath). Things can only improve for the band from here on now that they have secured a live-in vocalist (their last vocalist was based overseas and they never physically met). The CD I received seems to be the in-store version. The packaging is a simple cardboard enclosure so there is no CD sleeve. The cover has artwork of a handprint bearing a seedling with birds flying outward from within the dirt/roots. On the back of the cover is a band picture, numbered track listing, member and recording information. The CD itself has the same band picture and track listing upon it. If you like symphonic metal and bands such as Nightwish, then you are sure to appreciate Lapis Lazuli. I admire their work as I love the grandeur of the music they create and the emotional ride it takes you on. Do yourself a favour and check them out on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 20 February 2012
All pictures courtesy of Lapis Lazuli