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Death And Despair

Death And Despair

by Myrah

Band Members:

Micael Svan - Bass
Josefin Berg - Synth
Joakim Granvold - Drums
Tobias Lepistö - Guitar
Patrik Essman - Guitar / Vocals

Myrah are a Goth Metal band that formed in 2005 from the majestic land of Sweden. Filled with pain, sorrow and despair, their music is entrancing. I was lucky enough to interview Myrah for Hail Metal back in July 2007, allowing them to be introduced to the masses. They improve with each release. Myrah have great potential within this genre and I urge you all to check them out. Any record companies out there take note!


The Other Side: The introduction is captivating as is this whole album. The music is catchy and memorable. It has been produced really well as the levels construct a wonderful ambience. The piano / synth blend with the guitars creating the perfect atmosphere. The vocals too are not overdone and everything really does just come together perfectly on this album. This is the longest track on the album at 07:07 but you’d never know it, you get so involved and lost within the music you wonder why it has stopped!

“As we reach the shores on the other side, There they await to guide us all, Through the fires and the morning mist, And into the place where we seize to exist…”

Torn Within: I’m afraid I may be repeating myself here, but the ambience is brilliant! The guitars are set back to be a part of the atmosphere along with the synth and it really just blends well. Myrah truly create a beautiful impression. Its essence as a whole is truly just captivating.

“I see the darkness descend, over this doomed place, You stand right before my eyes, and the tears, Fall from your face…”

Before I Go: I love the depth of the vocals in this track, they really bring out the Scandinavian essence I love so much. From the regular deep Goth vocals to the alluring Black Metal growl it adds such a level of piety. Even the guitar adds a different touch to this track.

“With the pain in my heart, I close my eyes and I cry, in this dark and pitch black world, This is the end, the end for me…”

Falling: The death vocals creep into this track on the odd occasion. It’s not overdone either. The extra little guitar tweaks always get me; it’s so classic, I love it! Falling reminds me of My Dying Bride in some parts. It’s got a good structure to it.

“I’m falling to deep into this darkness, All my failures echoes in my head…”

There’s Nothing Left To Say: Unfortunately this is the last track on the album and am left wanting more, which is always the sign of a good band. I like the lead guitar work in this track. The entire album just flows really well. I think this track has an essence of Poisonblack to it. This band could do really well given the right support, so check them out!

“In your life all the sadness that you bring, As grey turns to black and the withering begin, In your life, all the sorrow you cannot hide, There is nothing left but the silence inside…”




Review by Déa di Morté © 19 Feb 2008
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Myrah
- Thanks Myrah for the mention on your CD!