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My Deliverance

My Deliverance

by Myrah

Band Members:

Micael Svan - Bass
Josefin Berg - Synth
Tobias Lepistö - Guitar
Patrik Essman - Guitar / Vocals
Natalie Duarte - Drums

Myrah are a Swedish band whom I have reviewed twice before; Six Feet Down and Death And Despair. They compile dark, atmospheric, melancholic metal. They have been slowly gaining the respect they deserve and started touring more around Europe and their festivals. I have been looking forward to hearing this one so let's begin.

Illusions - The EP starts with a burst of energy including a pounding of drums, chunky bass, atmospheric synth and distorted guitar. The male, gothic vocals appear and lure us in with their charm. The rhythms are catchy but it is the drum beat which has ensured this. Where Myrah may usually have dropped the pace for such a track, they have increased the tempo and made this a great first track. At 02:50 you may think the song is ending, but it is merely slowing for Josefin's keyboard solo. The music then continues to sear through the heart.

"Where did it all go wrong? Once you were my friend, Supposed to stay with me til the end, Silent screams inside will tear me apart..."

The Light Of A New Day - This next one begins with a solemn guitar carving a sombre atmosphere. The male vocals express their pain and grim outlook. The music shrills with gloom yet is composed with such power and intensity as if an orchestra of hope. This contradiction makes for a beautiful and moving piece.

"I see the sun going down, With the feelings left inside of me, This voice inside my head, Hands pulling me to the other side, Just lying here fading away..."

My Deliverance - Here we have the final track on the EP and it breathes hope even though it speaks of despair. The music is energetic, ambient and powerful like a theme for a movie. The vocals are riddled with angst and doom and yet they seem so inspiring. Musically, things sound more lively. This has been yet another great track for Myrah.

"As I'm standing here and watching, The falling rain coming down to wash away my pain, I stay awake at night, Never to dream again, From my demons I must hide..."

In essence, Myrah have created beauty amidst darkness. The musical structure and overall balance seems slightly different to the Myrah I know. The drums seem to stand out more in this EP and seem more lively which is great. There has been a shift in their tide and it is for the better as the music is sounding more alive. They have kept their darkened essence yet injected life into their death. The CD I received is the in-store copy. The cover reveals some shadowy artwork upon a tree. Inside the cover are all the lyrics and some further artwork. On the back of the cover is a whole band picture, member info, thanks and contact info. On the very back of the CD is a numbered track listing. The CD itself bears a ghostly image approaching a door with logo and title upon it. I should note, there is a new line-up on this EP with a new female drummer who hails from Australia, Natalie Duarte. Basically, if you like melancholic metal or even appreciate some gothic, then you must give this band your attention. I have followed them for some years now and they never disappoint. 



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Review by Déa di Morté © 13 February 2012
All pictures courtesy of Christopher Jaminer and Myrah