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Six Feet Down

Six Feet Down

by Myrah

Band Members:

Micael Svan - Bass
Josefin Berg - Synth
Joakim Granvold - Drums
Tobias Lepistö - Guitar
Patrik Essman - Guitar / Vocals

Myrah is perhaps one of Sweden's best kept secrets. I have reviewed them before and have fallen in love with their music. It is gothic metal and it is divine. I have been anxiously awaiting this new debut album to review and now that it is here
let us wait no more...

Like Tears In The Rain - The rain welcomes us into this track and we are soon greeted by a solemn guitar. The intensity then begins. The sweeping melodies enrapture the soul. The gothic clean vocal style of Patrik is enchanting; especially with that Swedish accent. During the chorus there is a hint of death vocal backing. Josefin has created a beautiful ambience and its overall atmosphere is truly captivating. There is some nice double kick drumming in here toward the end. It is, overall, a wonderful introduction to the album.

The Cold - A beautiful acoustic guitar melody receives us as we enter this next track. Again, the enchanting atmosphere mystifies us as heavy rhythms soon bolster the heart. The lyrics are quite poetic and charming and there are female backing vocals during the chorus by Alexandra Petersson. This is truly the type of music you can get lost in. It is an escape for the dreamer, a romantic idea for the lover and a place to feel free for everyone.

Six Feet Down - We are guided into this title track by Josefin's gentle piano melodies and Patrik's clean, goth like vocals. Also appearing in this track are guest vocals by Pierre Andersson. The music is again enchanting and captivating and manages to overwhelm the senses. It is powerful and enlightens the heart. It is clear and crisp and refreshes the soul like the Swedish forest air.


When All Have Turned To Grey - Guitarist Tobias and Drummer Joakim take us into this track with some catchy tunes. This song seems more uplifting than its predecessors. Even with its dark elements it seems somewhat more victorious. I am really impressed by the drumming in this album. The recording overall has been well produced and all the instruments are properly balanced and engineered. Another great track!

As Daylight Dies - No, it isn't Killswitch Engage, it is pure Myrah; majestic and breath taking! This is the longest track off the album at 06:24. This whole album sways your senses. These are simple riffs and melodies, yet they are simply powerful as they convey their inner passion. Simplicity is usually far more effective and this is divine.

Everytime I Close My Eyes - Each chord strikes my heart, each word compels me.  It is bliss to my ears and I am happy to fall and dream, dream away. This song does go for 04:07 yet not a song on this album seems to last long enough, I am left wanting more and more. This music is not fast paced or guitar riff driven, it is about majestic angst, emotion and beauty. It is expression in dark splendour.


Oceans Of Time - The pace is slow and melodic yet deep and searing. The atmosphere is like a beautiful, chilled darkness which warms and comforts you. It is filled with acoustic guitars and Alexandra makes another appearance. At 05:03 you think the track will end yet it surprises you with its encore. Exquisite!

Pain And Remorse - This sorrow filled tune is captivating. Its angst is intense and enrapturing. There are some backing death vocals by Micael and a good rhythmic guitar and double kick drumming part in here. Myrah's music is rather theme like. The kind of theme music one might have throughout significant moments in their life.

Neverending Loneliness - The hazed effects spark us into these somber, yet catchy guitar rhythms. Those deep, dark goth like vocals are again met by Alexandra's angelic backing vocals. This track is very expressive musically and lyrically poetic as is this entire album. There are some death vocals toward the end which make for a great emotional twist. I am besotted by its beauty!


In essence, I am jubilant and so proud at how far this band has come. Each time I hear their music it gets better and better and they continue to improve. Somebody really needs to get in there and offer them a record deal! This album is effectively an arrangement of gothic metal. There are no tricky compositions or unnecessary parts. It is simple and effective. The CD I have received is a promotional copy so I can not comment on the retail sale version, however the cover consists of an erotic art work, contact details and track information. So I am not sure whether the retail copy has lyrics printed upon it or not. This recording is well produced as I said and after all this bands effort, all they seem to need now is the finance to take them to the world. I hope my readers will indulge in their music and enjoy it as much as I have and will continue to.
Great effort Myrah, I want some more!



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Review by Déa di Morté © 18 February 2010
All pictures courtesy of Myrah