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by Mz Ann Thropik

Band Members:

Magdalena Sky - Vocals
Brad Fitter - Bass
D. McCluer - Drums
B. Doukakis - Guitar
M. Miller - Guitar / Keys
Today I am reviewing an Australian band called Mz Ann Thropik. Though not exactly metal they are related to the scene in an obscure gothic rock like way. Never-the-less, an Aussie album to share with you all so let's begin...

III – We enter this album as if entering life for the first time with a heart beat and screams and a fluster of ambient noise.

Nobody Move – Angry chick vocals dominate this track amidst some killer rock beats. This is somewhat of a cross between Babes In Toyland, Cycle Sluts From Hell and PJ Harvey. Though perhaps it’s just a case that I don’t know enough band names within this genre of sound to name here?! I do know enough to say that this is way better than most others that try this style! For example, the little lifted tweak in the vocals is not overdone like so many try and fail at so it isn’t annoying like those others can be. It is overall a very strong rock song.

“Don’t tell me that you ever loved me, Don’t tell me that you ever cared, For you to turn around and say that you’re not really there…”

Queen 222 – A seemingly more tamed track to start with its clean vocal stream. The music retains its rock edge as the vocals gather strength. You can hear in the vocals a strong yet fun personality. This is sounding more and more like a great band to see live!

“Round and round it came full circle, No more of your misery sat inside of me, Set inside of me, A vampire knocked on my door…”

Cock-O-Roach – This track is comprised of some catchy rock tunes. I would think this is attractive to the teen / early 20’s market. It has much vocal angst, fun loving sing along rhythms and lyrical flirts. I like the deep bass in this one.

“I like it when you’re talking medical, Dress me up in my favourite uniform, Split my hips and pour the tea dear, Shivers when you say come on over here…”

V – A twisted little drug induced sounding filler.

Witch Hunt – This track has more of a dark feel to it in both the musical structure and the lyrical portion. It is another great rock track I think the masses would enjoy. I really like the part at 03:00, it has a well timed guitar riff and scream, very nice!

“Hey little sister darling, Don’t you wanna wear my shoes, Hey little sister darling, Don’t you wanna be my muse, We can go for a drive my darlin, I’ll kiss you in the back seat…”

Mordelia – The heavy, yet steady guitar introduction sets the mood for a curious track. This one tends to make you feel like you are having to look around a lot. Though I’m not sure whether you are looking for someone in particular or if it’s just because you can feel someone is looking at you. There is definitely a searching feel to this track whether it be from the stalker or the stalked. Another angry chick rock track with an edge; good stuff!

“Strip yourself bare, And hide in the shadows, Mordelia slips in again, She whispers to me, There’s a place called heaven, And a place called hell, A place for loving you, And a place for hate…”

Jane The Ripper – From gentle whispers to savage screams, I like the variety in the vocals within this album. The music maintains average rock styles with no real leads but good basic rhythms. The drums keep the pace uplifting throughout it all much like a heart beat so they’re doing their job. A good CD sound mix and production.

“She, Said to me, I want your, Eyes to see, Him, Wash his hands, But stay the hell, Out of his dreams, So, You can feel, Something real, Instead of me, No, Curse your smile…”

A – I don’t know whether you’ve noticed yet that these little fillers spell out the word VAMP. They keep the CD diverse.

Skin – Some good use with the guitar effects in here and the vocals are executed well. This song seems to have a rather hypnotic feel to it.

“She said to him, I wanna write music till we’re sore, He smiled and said, And then some more, Well now, They walked towards the sunset, Pink vultures all around them, And up ahead a scarecrow, With a frown upon his pretty head…”

Tornado – Another good rock beat I’m sure would be great to hear live. There’s an interesting slow change within the track at about 02:00 which incorporates some light, feminine vocals. Soon enough the power filled vocals return along with background set riffs. Then again the light change kicks in towards the end. So overall it isn’t exactly a tornado of a tune in its speed, but perhaps as you watched one do its severe damage in slow motion.

“Feel the heat of my palm, Sweat dripping dripping down, Scratch the surface of a frown, Fear rising rising up, Count to ten your time is spent, Count to nine your mind is mine…”

M – Another filler / interlude which goes for about 01:00.

Rule Of Three – Good catchy rhythm, deep bass and variable vocals. This one sounds very sellable to the mainstream alternative like JJJ radio and like something you’d hear at a club like Sydney’s Trash. It’s kind of got that trash poppy alternative feel to it if you know what I mean.

“Dot your eyes and cross your t’s. Wrap a gag across your teeth, Pull the buttons one by one. Feel the stitches come undone, You’re so difficult, You’re so critical, You push me harder harder, Feels so typical…”

Flesh Crawler – I like the clarity in the vocals and the lyrical flirts. The music itself has some good heavy parts. Another fine rock track I’m sure would appeal to the masses.

“She’ll tear you apart, Crawl into your mind, You’ll get on all fours, She’ll smack your behind, You’ll beg for forgiveness, You’ll plead for your soul, Your bastard heart bleeding…”

P – This is the shortest track on the album at 00:15 and the last filler.

S.O.S – This is the longest and the title track on the album at 05:20. The vocalist has a pleasant and listenable tone even with the vocal tweak I mentioned. So unlike some others you won’t get sick of hearing a whole albums worth. And I think the variety in the vocals really helps to keep the listener involved. The music is most complimentary to the vocals and overall it all works very well. This is more of a ‘I’m here for you’ kind of song but with that good angsty edge Mz Ann Thropik do so well.

“Save our souls from a day like today, We’ll jump in the water and sink to swim, I’ll hold my breath with every kiss, And swear to the ocean that you’ll be missed…”

…---… - This last track consists mainly of strange and very random answering machine messages. A bizarre end to what is a pretty decent album!

In essence, Mz Ann Thropik have compiled a pretty awesome and obscure rock album. I know it’s not metal but vocally it’s got some good angst and musically I think it’s acceptable. I have seen this band live a few times before and they are good! They are definitely different to the usual get up and stand out from the rest in this genre and in a good way. Others may describe them as punk / alternative / gothic. Alas, if you haven’t seen them yet, make it a point to check them out as you won’t be disappointed. You can check out their myspace for a sample of their works. The CD cover is smooth and laid out well. The sleeve has all the lyrics, band pics and info. A great package overall! This is as close to reviewing non metal music as it’s gonna get and I think it’s a pretty good base. This album really grows on you so check it out!
Mz Ann Thropik

Review by Déa di Morté © 09 September 2009
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Mz Ann Thropik