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The Fallen

The Fallen

by Naberus

Band Members:

James Ash - Vocals / Guitar
Dan Ralph - Guitar
Jordan Mitchell - Bass
Chris Sheppard - Drums

From the depths of Melbourne, Australia come Naberus. According to their bio, they are a melodic groove metal band. They are a fairly young band with their members in their early 20's. I have been given a copy of their single, 'The Fallen' for review. I've seen the name but can't recall the tunes, so let's check them out now.


The Fallen - The whirling effects of a guitar lure us into this album and we are met by some confronting aggression. The overall sound is heavily influenced by the more recently popular side of American core metal. The recording and music sounds pristine as if all ready attached to a label. It's hard to believe these guys are not signed for that reason. The music is of a style in the likes of As I Lay Dying or All That Remains type thing. The singing alternates in style with hardcore discourse and clean, melodic vocals. The guitar rhythms are consistent and are easy to follow and get into. It all flows perfectly well and has a good groove to it. It's a great example of their work.


Gallows - Here we have the longest track on the album with a duration of 06:19 and it begins just as the other ended; intense and upbeat. The vocals continue alternating their style between their respective parts. As upbeat and intense as it may be, it has a melodic aspect to it which tends to lessen its impact. But I think this is the key to acquiring their particular fan base. It has core elements, though it is not as one may define hardcore to be. There is a pleasantry to their music which may simply be the sound engineer's skills, but the sound is coming through quite smooth and agreeable. I'm not dulling the heaviness by any means, but it is very easy to listen to and get into. You would no doubt have a great time in the moshpit with these guys playing. They are energetic and seem to be a very tight band. I think a lot of folks will really enjoy this.

Rise - The guitar lashes out a melody alongside some fervent drums. The pace quite frantic at first, soon dulls to allow for the first verse to build up some atmosphere for us to appreciate the following levels of intensity. There is some nice lead guitar work in here from 02:13 until about 02:46. Naberus seem very good at the structural design of their music. It's all very well thought out and executed. They definitely have the spark I would think record companies would be seeking.


In essence, Naberus have created a great example of their work. It is filled with what I would call a calm intensity. It all flows perfectly well and is very easy to get into. It is more of the type of music you can enjoy and have fun with rather than feel you need to let loose with. But that of course is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I enjoyed it. The CD I received is the in-store version and came as a digi-pack style cover. The picture on the cover has a wolf infused with a skull with their logo across it and title below. Sadly, there is no CD sleeve and so there are no lyrics to accompany the music. On the inner side of the front cover is the band contact information and recording information. On the very back of the cover is a numbered track listing and an eerie landscape. The CD itself has the same eerie picture though coated with brown tones. It also has  the track titles upon it. Under the CD slot is a band picture with corresponding names. Overall, it's a good package but I always prefer the lyrics along with it so I can enjoy the music in its entirety. Basically, if you like bands like As I Lay Dying or All That Remains, then I see no reason why you wouldn't appreciate this. I think they have talent and will be picked up by a label very soon. As always, it's best to check them out for yourself on the links below and make your own decision.



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 Review by Déa di Morté © 04 April 2012
All pictures courtesy of Naberus