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Sins Of The Father

Sins Of The Father

by Sins Of The Father

Band Members:

Matt Corica - Guitar
Jordan Rizzi - Guitar
Luke Aumord - Drums
Daniel Laidlow - Bass
Jack Cressall - Vocals

Today we experience the sounds of Sins Of The Father - a Western Australian band which formed in 2005. According to their bio, they are a stoner death metal band with a reputation for loud, high energy performances. Sounds like a contradiction, but one I’m looking forward to hear. The album I have been given for review is their debut self titled album.
So let’s cast a chilled out mood and prepare for Sins Of The Father.


Fucking Relentless – The album starts out with a fairly fast paced drum beat and guitar riff which soon comes into fruition. For a band labelling themselves as stoner metal, I sure wasn’t expecting such lively music. Maybe they are indulging in snow cones; adding a little oomph into their smoking sensation. Either way, there is no Electric Wizard stoner metal style here. Once you play this CD, you’ll find yourself tapping along and getting into the music easy enough.

“Things to me these days don’t seem real they say, Do not trust the shadows that move in the night, It seemed to me that you could not see, That you did not want me, That you did not want me to fight...”

Sanity Song – The tempo starts out upbeat with nothing stoner about it. The vocals are rough yet seemingly clean. That is, there are no growling, death metal style vocals but there is a rough, yelling style to them; just enough so you can understand the lyrics. There is a slight groove to the music which makes it easy to get into. At 01:55 the music starts to spiral down into a sluggish state. It is here you will find your true stoner sound. Other than at this point, the session seems quite elusive.

“Run through fire through flames feeling alive, Chasing sanity before it dies, Feeling like you need to scream, Here it comes now on your knees...”

Watch The Earth Burn – The tempo in this one starts out a little sluggish but soon picks up just enough to capture a groove. The music is fairly upbeat overall with only a slight spin on the inhalant. The vocals are fitting but could do with a little more variation. There is nothing really stand out about the track but for such a genre, one can only expect laid back, blend in well style music.

“Burn their lives, Taking all their souls, Tales from a time, That were never told...”

Fear Of Reality – This one begins with a very slow and mellow atmosphere of guitar and cymbal taps. It is only at 00:55 the pace picks up and the song’s true essence appears. As you become lost in the music, it starts to dull down the tempo again making this quite an erratic track. Overall it is laid back yet heavy and able to be enjoyed. I guess you could place this in the stoner metal section but I can then only think that this is one angry pothead!

“Rise, Conquer, This life, Fear of reality...”

Aftermath – This next track starts out with a style reminiscent to old Metallica which titillates the senses with a touch of thrash. Even though this is not fast paced, it has that thrashy sound to it. It is perhaps its pace which makes it so heavy. The guitars are definitely the leading role in this one. There may not be any kick arse leads but there are enough variations to keep the interest up. Overall, this is a good track.

The aftermath at your front door, Demons and fire warning of hell, Why they’ve risen you won’t know, Moans from souls that think they’re alive, Seeds of hope that slowly die...”

Choke - Here we have the longest track on the album at 07:00. There is a definite thrash element / influence in here. It has a good pace and catchy rhythm. At about 03:40 there is a structural shift where the music descends down a quieter path, only to be used as an atmospheric build-up to the next section at 04:35. There seems to be some hidden lead guitar work set into the background. It’s a shame its set so far back, but it works nonetheless. The music drops again at 05:36 for another slow build up but this time not to such an extent as it plateaus out to the end. According to the CD sleeve this has guest vocals by Chris Swayne from Neverborn.

“Fuck relations, in-law soaps, argumentative, it’s no use, Always right and never wrong, seal your lips cut out your tongue...”

Behind These Walls We Rot – A slow, melodic entrance paves the way for an explosion of metal. The beat is catchy and is all very easy to get into. I’m pretty sure you would all find yourselves thrashing about in the pit if this were live. The vocals possess a hardcore sound style and all the words are decipherable. It’s pretty hard for me to relate this to stoner metal in any way. They tend to infuse many aspects of metal genres into their music but don’t really stick to one style.  I’m going to stick with a generalised metal labelling for this band.

“All I see around me a city on its knees, Ready to devour our lives by any means, Its mouth is open wide expose the pain inside, Now there’s no return I reject the will to learn...”

Galaxy – In this next song, the bass becomes a more prominent player. I should also note that the overall clarity in the recording of this album is good. The beat within this is again very easy to get into and the music overall has a groove to it which also helps with the listener’s ability to get involved. I like how the band manages to find subtle ways of adding all these different aspects to each of their tracks so it doesn’t dull the ears or sound repetitive. Hardcore sounding vocals can really bore me throughout an album but these guys manage to sway you with these musical subtleties.

“Why, Stood at heaven’s gate, Your life has sealed your fate, I cry, Screaming from the pain, For my loved one slain...”

The Ocean Bares Only Sorrow – The sounds of a storm lure us into this track along with a slow paced guitar rhythm and drums. At 01:02 a furious guitar melody kicks in and directs this track into its element. This is a fairly long track as it goes for 06:55. At about 02:45 the pace picks up for a thrashing moment and again at 04:04. The pace dwindles at 04:42 and falls into a melodic embrace. However, these guys are never satisfied with any particular pace and so they raise it up again. Overall, this is erratic yet follow able and enjoyable.

“Mixed emotions running wild, From the ocean to the sky, Thunder and the raging sea, Breaking down the night, Cometh now to cross the line, Suffer then decease, Woke the dead all from their graves, Buried six feet deep...”

Have Path, Will Travel – This next track is a gentle and melodic instrumental.

Black Cat – Here we have the final track on the album which goes for 05:38. It starts out with some atmospheric guitar and a nice groove. The vocals in this are as they were at the beginning of the album with that rough, deathly vocal that isn’t quite that death metal growl style. It is a great track to end the album with as it will have your foot tapping and leave you pleased with all you’ve heard. According to the CD sleeve there are guest vocals by Cain Cressall from Malignant Monster / The Amenta.

“In the darkest shadows of the darkest night, The black cat lurks behind, With the strength of hate and the power of Satan, You find yourself in its watchful eye, Stalking closely with evil in mind, No chance to turn and depart, Deathless creature...”


In essence, I found this to be an erratic album but a well flowing one at that. I wasn’t able to see the stoner side of the music for the most part and I’m not sure about it being death metal either. I have to stick with metal; pure and simple. I’m pretty sure they are just a bunch of metal loving pot heads that want to be classified as stoner metal because they love their pot so much! I see no basis for this to be known as stoner metal, sorry guys! There are many elements of different metal genres within here which makes it interesting to listen to. There’s a bit of hardcore, a bit of death, a bit of stoner groove, a bit of thrash and so on.

The CD I was given is the in-store version. On the front cover is what I can only guess is a father kissing his child. The artwork was created by an unknown artist according to the credits. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics. A whole band picture lies in the centre with corresponding instrument. Toward the back cover is a collage of band photos. The following page has the individual thanks. The inner back page has guest notes and contact details along with a picture of a leaf. The back of the sleeve is a blank black. On the back of the cover is a track listing. It stuffed me up a bit doing this review as two of the songs are printed in the wrong order; Aftermath and Fear Of Reality. It’s strange to think I have my music player to thank for pointing this out as I never viewed it as a trusted source of information before today. The whole CD cover is a digipak style. On the inside of the front is all the band and recording information. The CD itself is very nice with a geometric graphic art piece with a leaf in the centre. Under the CD on the cover is the same artwork. It is well presented and packaged.

Back to the musical content, I think if you would like to hear something a bit different to the usual genre specific style, then you may be interested in giving this a go. It is closer to death metal than anything else but I wouldn’t really label it as such. It’s just a nice, relaxed yet upbeat style of metal; a little erratic, but easy to get into. Give it a go and check out the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 11 November 2011
All lyrical extracts and pictures courtesy of Sins Of The Father