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by Sortokausi

Band Members:

Sauli - Guitar
Janne - Drums
Roope - Guitar
Valtteri - Bass
Marko - Vocals
According to the bio, Sortokausi is a melodic death metal band from Finland who has been around since 2005. Today I have been given the chance to indulge in their Demo CD entitled Varjovesi. I am unfamiliar with their works but I do know they are influenced by bands such as Carcass, In Flames and At The Gates. So with this mix in mind, I look forward to hearing what they have to offer.

Kuiskaus – The introduction gently lures you into a fierce track. Excellent double kick drums complement the heavy guitar riffs and deathly vocals. The pace here is nice and heavy and definitely keeps you intrigued. There is a moment at about 02:16 where the music suddenly comes to a halt which makes you think it is the end of the track. Yet it merely continues on and thankfully so. This seems to be a good band and I want to hear more! So in saying that, that was not the smoothest interlude or musical transition but it was different to the usual thing I guess. Overall… great track!

Syvyys – I like the little riffs in the intro. I’m not sure how their melodic death metal thing came about as this sounds more like thrash / death metal to me! Very Slayer meets Amon Amarth in a sense. So it is a very nice combination and I am liking it more and more. They really know how to maintain a good, upbeat pace and include all the groovy little guitar riffs I like so much. Vocally it is strong, deep and deathly and the roars are held well. The drumming is great and keeps the heart pounding.

Ääripää – This one is more toward the At The Gates side of things I think and it is done very well. The pace is hammering! The music has its obscure moments but it works well. A very good track and I’m a little disappointed there’s only one more track to go.

Kaiku – The shortest and last track off this EP at 01:05 and it is a gentle guitar melody. Perhaps this is where their melodic sound comes into it?! Well, I don’t know about that as the rest is quite heavy and not so melodic so I guess this one is merely a filler.

In essence, this bands rocks hard and I would love to hear more of them in the future! Definitely a band worth checking out! Their Myspace link is below. This being merely a promo CD, they’ve sent me just a burned copy so I can’t comment on the sleeve content or anything like that. But I did manage to acquire a copy of the artwork and all I can say is it looks obscurely Finnish! Basically, the music rocks and really that is all that matters in the end!

Review by Déa di Morté © 26 August 2009
All pictures courtesy of Sortokausi