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Affective Arousal

Affective Arousal

by Trendkill Method

Band Members:

Denis Melnik - Guitar
Rustam Guseinoy - Drums
Alexander Viklyuk - Vocals
Denis Denisenko - Bass
Vladimir Korobov - Guitar

Trendkill Method rose from the depths of Latvia in 1997, originally with the name, 'Gust Of Anger'. According to their bio, they are known for their melodic groove and catchy melodies. I've heard the name over the years, though can't recall the tunes. Sonic Blast Media have given me a copy of their album, 'Affective Arousal' for review. Now I will finally be able to match the music to the name! Let's now delve into the sounds of Trendkill Method.


We Both Know - The entrance to this album is filled with an eerie atmosphere. Towards the end of this atmospheric introduction, is a string section which slowly gains intensity up until the metal begins at 01:00. The guitars then tear out some crunching rhythms to windmill your heads along to. The drums maintain a consistent, up tempo beat to pace your twirls to. The vocals are fairly clean in style but with a distinct, raspy grr about them. It has a good groove throughout and is very easy to get into. There is a nice little lead at 04:15. Overall, it's a great first track.

"Just talk to me, I never felt so lost, Do you believe me, do you remember me? One reason and I'll never count the cost..."

In Moments Of Sadness (Relax And Smile) - Straight into this next one and it starts out upbeat and with a guitar lead to lure us in to this intense track. It seems unrelenting in its delivery, though it does tend to dull toward the end of the track. The vocals in this one lean more toward a core style of singing and so are not as decipherable as the last track. It is overall, a very in-your-face style track.

"About to break, You're feeling all alone, all alone, Looking for a way out and into the unknown, Slit your wrist, eat some pills, or blow your brains out, Hard to stand up straight, As your world is crashing down..."

Is That Way Mine - This next track begins with an interesting musical structure; diverse and intense. It contains a lot of thudding rhythms throughout. The drumming in here is quite good and complex at times as is some of the guitar work. The vocals in here are more toward the death style of things though they are somewhat decipherable. There are also clean vocal moments where a more melodic verse appears where you can understand everything. I can just imagine the thudding of the rhythm guitars being quite brutal on the ears in a live setting. Good track!

"Sit and listen to my story grim, Of betrayal and the trust redeemed, Mind is stirring and my lungs are filled, With the smoke of hatred, ash of the battlefield..."

Frontline Soldiers - Crunching guitar rhythms lead us into this next track and are met by a melodic lead which in turn leads us straight into the vigorous vocal snarl of Alexander. It is yet another in-your-face style track which is upbeat and intense. There is some nice lead guitar work in here right at the end of the track. I think many of my readers will appreciate their music.

"Hey former friend, Do you recognise this voice from back in the day, I was one of the boys, You turned your back when I needed you most, Do you remember that, Guess I should let it go, Bitter sweet taste lasting in my mouth..."

Reason For Hating - This next one has more of a melodic introduction, though it veers back into a high level of intensity as all the rest possess. There is some great guitar parts in here - some of which are set back in to the background. The vocals alternate between heavy screams and melodic, clean verse. There is also some nice, thundering drumming in here. Thus far, I can report that it's definitely a good album to release some built up energy to.

"Liberty hates me, Abilities forsaken, Where have you been, When I was left here to die, You say you were around, I see through your lie, Doesn't matter what lies ahead..."

Convection Of World - The overall tone to this music is very masculine and aggressive. The musical structure seems well thought out and the sound engineering on this album is pretty good. Though, I do find it to be very bassy, hence the thudding sound. Most of the lyrics are decipherable throughout this. At around 02:40 there is a musical shift where the music takes on what I would refer to as a power charge moment. Once this slowed interim finishes, the music bursts into an energetic and brutal feast until the track's completion.

"Rise, Release the prophets from the strings they're hungry for, Kneel, Devouring our souls with questions and answers, Down, They have some brilliant news you should wait for, Gasp, Force fields are up again wait while you're being screened..."

Stunned By The Gun - This next track is much like the rest; intense, confronting and musically aggressive. The pace is fast at first which prompts  you to get right into it. It alternates in pace but remains intense throughout. Again, there are both melodic and bellowed vocals.  The music varies in speed with bursts of brutality and more relaxed sections. This is indeed a nicely crafted assembly of metal.

"Weakened by time, Beaten down by lust, Trade this stupid life, To hate you is a must, A bullet through the head, Change me if you wish, Why you left me dead, Why the hell are you so selfish..."

Pleasure Makes Me Paranoid - The intensity does not dull as we venture into this next track. There are some welcomed double kicks in here as well as some nice guitar work. It's a great track and I really think you would all enjoy it.

"I went too far, And I lost myself, It felt so good, But now it feels like hell, It was too much for you to take, You had far too much at stake..."

Free Fall - I do love a good double kick drumming and this band sure can dish them out. This one starts out with some mean kicks to get us going. Again, the intensity is right up there. There is a secondary vocal part in here which sounds quite similar to Ozzy Osbourne. There is a musical shift at 03:00 where the music dulls and a guitar lead soon appears to recreate the metallic beauty it is.

"The young and the hopeless, We fell back in line, Hearts torn and open, They said we'd be fine, Fear of being forgotten, When our biggest fears come true, Hatred is all I've got, Comes from fools like you..."

Questions Unanswered - Here we have the longest track on the album with a duration of 05:38. It starts out heavy and sluggish but picks up the pace quick enough that it will have your head nodding in agreement and your feet tapping along (not that they would have stopped doing so since the album started). Most parts of this track are slowed, though there are some abrupt moments. Even though it has a decent level of intensity, it is a well deserved break.

"Got myself into this mess, But I can't find my way out, Got it all and should be glad I guess, But what is that about..."

Welcome Home Dead Home - Now for the final track on the album and also the shortest with a duration of 02:35. The pace is fast and the intensity is fierce. The aggression levels are on high alert, so one should prepare themself for a brutal moshpit should this one take to the stage. There is a melodic aspect to the song which gives it a good groove to get into. Not that I think anyone would notice it during a live performance, as they'd all be far too busy smashing it up in the pit. Great, last track!

"Here now there, Home is everywhere, Not sure how it was before, maybe I've changed, Maybe I've switched lanes, They keep on telling me..."

In essence, Trendkill Method have created an album built on a foundation of aggression. It is brutal, yet somewhat melodic and paved with a groove. The lyrics seem heartfelt which I think helps to deliver their music to a much better level. The CD I received was sent care of Sonic Blast Media. It seems to be the in-store version (just different casing). The front cover has an interesting picture of  a femme body with an ear for a head and an eye for the torso, seemingly hula hooping a circular saw. Though, as always, these things are highly interpretable. Inside the sleeve are all the lyrics, clearly typed out amidst further, scattered artwork. On the inner back cover are all the thanks and recording information. On the back is a numbered track listing and band member names and positions. On the very back of the CD sleeve is a numbered track listing and a whole band picture. On the reverse of this is some artwork based in the clouds. The CD itself has a circular saw upon it as well as the logo and title. My only real criticism with this is I can't see any mention of a band website or contact information for the band on their packaging. Alas, I think this kind of music will be appreciated by most metalheads. I certainly enjoyed it. The only way you can really know is by checking it out for yourself on the links below.

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Sonic Blast Media


Review by Déa di Morté © 05 April 2012
All pictures and lyrical extracts courtesy of Trendkill Method and Sonic Blast Media