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Final Termination

Final Termination

by Wintergrave

Band Members:

Jonas Kiste - Guitar
Frederik Lervaag - Vocals
Niklas Nordfjellmark - Drums
Truls Hannemyr - Synth / Programming
Jan Fredrik Mikkelsen - Bass * previous member

Since 2006 Wintergrave have been blasting through Norway and surrounds. After interviewing them in October of 2009,
I have finally been able to review them for you today with their Final Termination EP.

Intro - An orchestral piece gently leads us into this album with mystical sounds amidst an enchanting atmosphere. But there is a sense of worry about it somehow.

Scattered Mind - And here is what you needed to be concerned about; a blast of metal comes forth to conquer! The vocals have that hardcore metal yell style edge to them even though they are within the death metal realm. The music has an orchestral backing which works really well and creates an extraordinary atmosphere throughout the track. The overall feel to the track has a very 'thriller movie genre' style aspect to it.

Impure Life - This band are very heavy indeed. The drumming is great as is the orchestral backing. It is the type of music which keeps you constantly on edge and keeps the heart racing. They are very intense and I am besotted! They have managed to create an amazing atmosphere which allows you to invoke your imagination to blistering levels. As I am sure I have said before, when a band can enhance your own imagination they have created a masterpiece and this, my friends, is just that!


Final Termination - The title and longest track off the album at 08:26 and not a beat lesser in pace nor a strum worse than their predecessors (intro excepted). Honestly, the double drum kicks are splendid! The atmosphere is again pumping the heart, the guitars are distorting my hearing and the vocals are ripping through my soul! It is a long track yes, but it is in no way monotonous nor is it so filled changes you have no idea what's going on. It is well produced and possesses the desired clarity. It is like a heavier version of Dimmu Borgir. Just brilliant!

Involuntary Cloistered - A heartbeat and a guitar pulses us into this track with a sound much like Opeth. Wintergrave's creativity is simply awesome! From the start it is gentle, then heavy, and then suddenly clambering only to twist into what you think is somewhat gentle again, only to be mistaken for further carnage. It flows well, but this is a schizophrenic track filled with subtle changes. It is maddening and can force you into some strange thoughts. It is the second longest song on the album at 08:06. The pace is nice and heavy and it is overall, another great piece!


Hinsides - Sadly this is the last track on the EP. I can only imagine how buggered they must be after playing one of these songs live let alone a whole set! Wintergrave is definitely a band with stamina!  This particular track is just as heavy as every other and just as intense. The sound engineer has managed to present the clarity needed to investigate and enjoy every aspect of the music. It is a really good effort as you can truly sit through it and hear all the different levels and be taken away by each and every one of them. For those who may usually not like the hardcore style vocal, let me assure you how palatable this is. It all really works together so well. Great last track and amazing EP!

In essence, this album is bloody intense and filled with metal richness. It is a feast for the ears and I am truly impressed! The CD sleeve contains band pictures and corresponding names, thanks, contact details and an 'about the band' type note along with a full band photo. There are unfortunately no lyrics which is really the only downside to this album I can relay. However, it is an EP. So aside from that one simple flaw, allow me to recommend you go and check them out and let their vicious sounds into your home.



Wintergrave Website

Wintergrave Myspace


Review by Déa di Morté © 28 January 2010
All pictures courtesy of Mikkel Walle and Wintergrave