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Three Days Of War

Three Days Of War

by Zyphoyd

Band Members:

Kieran Larkey - Guitar / Vocals
Glen Sambrook - Guitar

Aussie band Zyphoyd started out as an instrumental, guitar shredding duo with Kieran Larkey and Glen Sambrook´╗┐. In 2008, they released their first demo entitled, 'Prelude To The Storm'. In 2011 they had a line-up change becoming a one-man project and released a new demo, 'Three Days Of War' only this time with Glen Sambrook´╗┐ appearing as a guest guitar soloist. At the time Kieran sent me this CD for review, he was looking to form a new line-up with much interest from within the scene. I've never heard them prior to today, though lets now get a taste of Zyphoyd.


Three Days Of War - We are led straight into the album with heavy guitar rhythms and a well paced drum beat. At 01:14 the deathly vocals begin. The lyrics are somewhat decipherable but only maybe 50% of the time. There is an obvious influence of some classic old death metal in here and some nice lead guitar work from about 03:44 - 05:06. The sound engineering is as expected for a demo as it is a bit bassy and mudded but it manages to present some clarity regardless. It is the longest track on this EP at 05:33 and it definitely has potential.

Relentless Tyranny - This is the shortest track on the CD with a duration of 03:44. It starts out with a thrashy element comprised of guitar rhythms and drums crashes. The overall sound reminds me of Bolt Thrower and that sure as hell aint a bad thing!  From 01:59 - 02:28 there is another sweet guitar lead and that's not to mention the detailed guitar rhythms going on in the background. It's taking me back to the good old days of death metal and I can only applaud that.

The Five Elements - Here we have the final track and it is straight into it with those old school death vocals and crunching guitar rhythms. The drums keep the tempo at a decent pace and there are keyboards trying to enhance the atmosphere. I don't think the keyboards are needed in this at all. The guitars do a fine job keeping the flow and captivating the listener on their own. The guitar lead begins at 02:51 and continues until 03:52 and is comprised of four lead segments - very nice guitar work! Overall, it is a good track but I am definitely more focussed on the leads as they are the more prominent item for this band.


In essence, Zyphoyd have created a great sample of their abilities. They definitely have potential and I would like to hear a complete album some day. The CD I received looks to be a homemade CD - burned with imagery and all. The CD cover is simple with the logo and album title with lightning bolts in the background. The inner sleeve is blank and the back of it  has the logo, a picture of Kieran with his guitar, a numbered track listing and some recording info and contact details. On the very back of the CD covering is the same as the back of the insert. The CD itself has the logo, title and numbered track listing upon it. If this CD were being sold at $5 I'd say buy it! If you love your death metal and bands such as Bolt Thrower or even Death then you should give this a go for sure. Check them out on the links below.

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Review by Déa di Morté © 13 January 2012
All pictures courtesy of Zyphoyd